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Gmail violates Russia’s constitution – senator

18.08.2013 12:22

A Russian senator has challenged Internet giant Google to explain its use of clients’ personal Gmail data, and claimed that the e-mail service violates individuals’ right to the secrecy of correspondence under the country’s constitution.

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Vitor Costa 18.08.2013 23:26

Fool and naive is the one who ever thought that the internet was safe and private.


Rich Tygart 18.08.2013 20:44

Now I am happy to see Russia free from Jewish communism and all but this 'Article 23 of the Russian constitution' thing is a little confusing.Is it new? Because remember,you were the Soviet Union and if that law was also in place back then,I wouldn't put 1 ounce of faith in it today.Do you think that the KGB respected that ideal? Russia used to be th epitome of lack of privacy and freedom.The Zionists are just doing the same here it in the U.S. today instead of Russia.


Dimitri 18.08.2013 16:18

Yeah good, use Yandex instead at least your information will be used by your own government not but other governments.

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