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GMO assessment has ‘failed’ at protecting public health – report

21.02.2014 04:36

A basic principle in the classification of GMO foods is fundamentally flawed and “has failed miserably” at protecting public health, a study argues. The error has allowed companies to market potentially dangerous GMO products.

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Regula 28.03.2014 09:00

The GMO stuff is for the poor and for cattle. The rich buy organic food. Including the politicians who then advocate the legalization of GMO crops.

Whic h means that the poor are just good enough to do the work and die from the food they eat so the rich can cash the money and eat pure food.

Simil ar studies found that milk from cows fed with GMO grain had a different composition form organic milk. It time and again turns around fatty acids, saturated fats and protein contents. GMO containing milk is less healthy than organic milk.


Andy Dinh 22.02.2014 19:36

This article shares some interesting results, to find out more about the effects of GMOs, read up on it here! hat-are-gmos/


Go green,ergo sum 21.02.2014 19:22

As Spartacus would say: " KIll them ALL" It's been enough to have these sociopaths running many institutions around the world.

We the 99% are stronger and the good always wins, not every day everywhere, but at the end , the love and compassion we have for one another is stronger than those arbitrary propaganda differences that they want to divide us with. ie. religion,sex, race etc..

Love you all my dear friends and let's bring these Rockefellers, Rotschilds, Morgans and others back to justice.


Sarkar Saheb 21.02.2014 17:04

rogirl 21.02.2014 13:31

The good news is that the scumbag politicians that allow this put their lives and their families lives at risk also.


Yo u really think that they eat this stuff? I would like to see ONE politician advocating these GMOs to eat them for one month!


Andrew 21.02.2014 17:01

GMO, I guess that it's simply another agenda clause in action that implies earth population decreasing. Just think a bit about it, GMO, wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, non-traditional sexual relations imposition, the fiat FRS currency suspention - globally and absolutely artificially (besides the predominance of the the digital version is not less that 90%), EU countries bereft of sovereignty, mass immigration deadlock, Israel can exploit the uranium enrichment or whatever nuclear technology while Iran can not... Ten years ago I thought that people like John Coleman were crazy... I was so wrong!


Andrew 21.02.2014 16:33

Lee Schuler 21.02.2014 12:03

The US politicians love GMO products because they make so much money by allowing them to be on the grocery shelves without being labeled.


Th is is unconstitutional to not know what you are sold to be consumed by your organism.


Andrew 21.02.2014 16:27

tateishi 21.02.2014 09:59

They are not subst. equiv.,but completely different.


Ta teishi, you've got any officical report data? I do believe you but some facts would prove to be of support.


Ron Miller 21.02.2014 16:26

Avoid GMO's or risk life.


Joe Smith 21.02.2014 16:03

Great news, Monsanto should be flushed into toilet completely. Gov taking over by very "evil" extraterrestrial( there are good ones but they don't come to earth so often) beings has desperately has been trying hard to makes us sick, dumb, handicapped, sterilized, died early n even to be a monster w GMO! (GMO rewites out DNA by 3 generation- guess what our children looks like to be one in horror SF movie, may not even called human anymore!) if it is not enough, they still use Aspartame, Fluoride, vaccine, radiation n bio weapons! But people w good heart wins, always.


He Wang 21.02.2014 14:44

Why so modest, "independent of the biotech industry"?Shoul d be bold enough to claim "Independent of Science".


rogirl 21.02.2014 13:31

We all like to advance and we all like technology that improves our lives, but GMos are the inverse. They are a dangerous new species at molecular level that need to be fully tested for many years in closed laboratory conditions; Big business has busted this laboratory testing box putting every single person animal and insect at risk of disease. The good news is that the scumbag politicians that allow this put their lives and their families lives at risk also.


Diez Sanchez 21.02.2014 12:44

Just like nuke tech, & Frak, this GMO tech is an epic failure! .. it will own ya for the rest of your lives! Their sinister plan from the beginning, now your their slave! Never let your greedy predator rich or corps crank d jack in a box if you don't know how to put it back in the box, silly people! Lol ya paid for your own demise!


Lee Schuler 21.02.2014 12:03

The US politicians love GMO products because they make so much money by allowing them to be on the grocery shelves without being labeled. Look at the executive orders from obama that are protecting and promoting monsanto and then take a look at the fact that he has over $12,000,000 more in his bank account that 5 years ago. How much of that is monsanto $$$$? That is just one bank account. How many does he have??


tateishi 21.02.2014 09:59

"Substantially equivalent" is a lawyer's terminology to hide the truth or cheat out non-sofisticated people.
In case of GMO, Monsanto,Syngenta,et not really test if their GMOs are 'substantially equivalent' as their tests are of very short term, few weeks or few months,too short to reveal their poisonous nature. GMO companies claim use of naturally occurring raw materials,but when they insert genes/DNA into another,bacterial etc. are used,changing their nature. Nobody knows what happens but there are now many evidences that the GMO products are poisonous. They are not subst. equiv.,but completely different.

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