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EU watchdogs promise 'repressive action' against Google over privacy row

18.02.2013 16:33

European data protection agencies intend to crack down on the US Internet giant Google before summer after it allegedly failed to follow their orders to comply with EU privacy laws, France’s data watchdog said.

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mergon 05.07.2014 13:22

If i was an NSA SPOOK director i would want to start an internet company like a social network or isp or Google
once established it would not only fund its self but it would fund others soon the link information would rolling in so fast we have to have more and more data banks to sort it
all , i would buy a Jewish comms company that had ties with Mossad just for the face recognition program and then market the program for social network and the home security depts .
But im not one of those people ,but there are a lot of those people out there !

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