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Greek govt cracks down on neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, arrests leader

28.09.2013 11:16

Greek police have arrested the leader, several MPs and dozens of members of ultra-right Golden Dawn party on charges of leading a “criminal organization.” The party promised to respond with mass rallies of its supporters.

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Hans Sprungfeld 04.03.2014 03:35

Golden Dawn was elected by the people of Greece. Ironically it was some slimeball jew Lauder that heads the Jewish world council that wanted to have them arrested. These zionists can't help themselves, their specialty is interfering in all countries and genociding the locals in support of all the invaders. They would murder every Greek to protect the invading illegals along with their zionist jewish infiltrators as well. Google Barbara Spectre and you get the idea of what jews are responsible for in Europe and why they are hated so much. Golden Dawn is the result of jewish immigration policies put in place by jews.


Peter Rolland 30.09.2013 15:48

Peter Rolland 30.09.2013 15:47

obama is more nazi then they he ned only a two fingers mustage



Peter Rolland 30.09.2013 15:47

obama is more nazi then they


Weaver 30.09.2013 04:08


&q uot;right-wing" originated from the French Revolution. Those who supported the Ancien Regime generally sat to the right in parliament, and those who opposed it sat to the left.

Capit alism is actually very left-wing in the sense that it destroys tradition. There are right-wing alternatives such as Distributism that views Socialism and Capitalism as two heads of the same beast. Money and power shouldn't be seen as the highest good in a society.


Weaver 30.09.2013 03:56

What is "Nazism"? Greeks aren't German. How can they believe in the superiority of the German race?

Regar dless of what they believe, it is the flooding of Europe with foreigners that is extremist and evil. If GD isn't perfect, it can at least be said that it's the only party standing up for Greeks, so far as I can tell from America.

Al l who love Western Civilisation should want stability and to preserve Greece. Are other posters haters of Europe or bought or just ignorant?


berrtus 30.09.2013 03:55

Just one issue: Fascism is a socialist phenomenon and socialism is the paradigm of the left especially in the US. In fact leftist socialism often leads to this sort of reaction, due to the fact that they the left wing socialists usually destroy the nation so the reaction is inevitable. Anyway best to describe them in terms other than far right because in modern times the right is not socialist but anti socialist. So the comparison is misleading and not accurate.


Weaver 30.09.2013 03:40

RT's coverage of the Syria conflict is brilliant. Putin will likely be seen as the greatest statesman this century.

Ho wever, RT needs to stop repeating Western propaganda. In order to smear Americans, it recently republished a propaganda hit on supposed "white racism" at a time when there's a surge of black-on-white crime. And black-on-white crime has always outnumbered the reverse. "Question More"? No RT fears to question this.

I don't love all things about Golden Dawn, but an attempt should be made at fair coverage. If Western Civilisation is destroyed, who will stand with Russia? Europe needs stability.


Jason Amfiktyon 29.09.2013 21:43

Gina Voumvoulaki 29.09.2013 18:05

the y are entitled to ... their fair share of time in the mass media for more than a year now.


Th is is an outrageous lie and you know it. They were completely blocked by all the sold-out, regime-controlled MME (which means basically everything that is shown in Greek TV) since their election so stop spreading lies and disinformation. Just because you're messaging in a foreign site doesn't mean you can get away with it.


Gina Voumvoulaki 29.09.2013 18:05

dnlmclean 28.09.2013 22:08

To ban or condemn a political group or party is fascist and goes against the idea of democracy. No matter what party it is , they have a right to be there.


Th ey are not being prosecuted for their beliefs and their neo-nazi ideology. The have had the state funding they are entitled to as an elected in the Greek parliament, as well as their fair share of time in the mass media for more than a year now.
But now they are answering to justice for specific crimes they committed. There is evidence, phone records and witness testimonials, all obtained by legal means.


Henry Reyen 29.09.2013 13:00

I am wondering how Israel with its Nazi style policies is legally functioning. Israeli Government - official criminal organisation in the world! arrests , imprisons and deports black people from "their" country, they are giving black women, even Jewish, compulsory hormonal treatment so that they do not have babies. That what Russian media should show every single day. That is a Nazi style government but when somebody is against the Jew in Europe he should go to prison. Jewish bandits, liars, sons of devil.


Henry Reyen 29.09.2013 12:46

I really hope Russia, as the only country not run by Jews, in the future will help white people in their oppressed countries, to build resistance movement or even react militarily against oppression of white Europeans if necessary.


Jason Amfiktyon 29.09.2013 09:46

The pathetic and laughable charge of "criminal organization" truly should have been long ago directed to the two corrupt to the bone parties of PASOK and ND and their treasonist politicians, those crooks and money launderers "par excellence" who have bankrupted this country, turned its Constitution to toilet paper, have surrendered its National Sovereignity and eventually offered it in a plate to the rapacious claws of the International banksters with all sorts of scam, fraud, lies, logistical alchemy etc.


Jason Amfiktyon 29.09.2013 09:45

Furthermore, eminent criminologists like Michael Dimitrakopoulos have gone public stating that there cannot be legally constructed a persecution case against GD under the charges of "criminal organization" and money laundering that the leadership of the GD is accused of.


Jason Amfiktyon 29.09.2013 09:44

The arrest of the leadership of GD (a democratically elected party and based on all recent polls the thrid and rising political force with over one million voters), is a blatant violation of statutes of Greek criminal law and a glaring breach of Greek Constitution that explicitly states in article 62 that a member of the parliament CANNOT be persecuted or imprisoned nor restricted in any means without first the approval of the parliament. He can only be detained if he is caught committing a felony in "flagrante delicto" and captured by the police within the first 24 hours.

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