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Greek army, police probed over links to neo-Nazi party

24.09.2013 05:16

Greece’s army is being accused of helping to train the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party’s paramilitary wing. The revelation comes as top policemen have been fired after the murder of a left-wing activist by a Golden Dawn fan provoked mass protests.

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Tanya Stone 25.09.2013 20:01

If the Greek military is training the neo-fascist group in violence, and if the police are colluding with them, then the rise of the neo-fascist groups is part of the government's policy.
How does the government benefit from this policy? That is the question.


rollo clevich 25.09.2013 15:31

AS we know, only the Jouuz are perfect, but in Greece only GD stands in opposition to the murderous EU-USA bankster drone launching regime. Hundreds of CIA operators are still in Syria aiding the genocidal jihadists -and that's just what WAPO and NYT will admit to.


K C SARKAR 25.09.2013 13:57

Neoliberal economic policy unleashed&impose d by US on other countries bring extreme crises and ultimately shattered those who follow. Greece is just one of them. Economic crisis breeds extremism of all sorts-fascism racism fanaticism-just to divert people from finding genuine way out. Black white yellow etc are just symptoms. Fascists flourish on these. Crony capitalist headed by US always nourish extremists of all hues-that's the tragedy our times. Latin American countries suffering for decades under such policies of US had chalked out alternate ways to survive.Finally they progress despite stiff opposition.


norbert kimar 25.09.2013 10:10

fascists and antifascists are same ppl in a box..

If you look at them as a pacifist, then you just can't make any differences between them..
If they're not brainwashed or bulled to join left or right side, then they belong to the same mafia Boss..


Travis 25.09.2013 08:33

Fascism today is not like the Fascism of yesterday,today based on armed neutrality,to defend & protect your own people/race..from extinction China a great example!..invading other countrys would never happen now, because of the un nato & jewnited states of America..


Tony Blair 25.09.2013 08:30

Nationalist parties like golden dawn are the only hope for europe. Otherwise it will descend into a third world multiracial backwater, while the far east takes over. By the way who gave the politicians the right to flood europe with third world economic migrants. I dont remember a referendum on it. Ha Ha.


Travis 25.09.2013 08:22

Ha! more liberal Zionist properganda,the real criminals,gangsters are the Greek puppet government, trying spread their lies on Golden Dawn, classic,simple smoke screen to cover up their Massive Failures! ..& their fears of the rise of a true Party for the Greek people.. HAIL GOLDEN DAWN!..


Richard Glenn 25.09.2013 07:23

Richard Rabinowitz 24.09.2013 21:59

You have the British National Party. That's your Golden Dawn. So?


No. BNP are to soft and worried about their image.


Tyler 25.09.2013 00:00

Rob Strong 24.09.2013 15:17

We need Golden Dawn in UK.


Not just the UK. All over Europe. ;-)


Tyler 24.09.2013 23:59

[quote name='Billy ' time='24.09.2013 15:20']The nwo globalists want to destroy golden dawn because they stand against their agenda. God bless golden dawn /quote]

Abs olutely. Spot on.


Tyler 24.09.2013 23:57

Tom Hansen 24.09.2013 18:39

Neo-Nazi = Fail.


That's what the establishment / the cabal / the empire wants the masses to believe. And they are doing a good job at that, that's why we are in the dire situation we are in today, where zionists rule the world, where the lie is the norm, where decay is in full swing.

''Ne o nazi'' is just name calling, its part of Western liberal / zionist propaganda.


Tyler 24.09.2013 23:47

hagger stagger 24.09.2013 18:34

Have you ever heard of the EDL? You know the tossers that get their arses handed to them by AntiFa on a regular basis.


EDL are fake nationalists. They are funded and cheerleaded by zionists behind the screens (proven fact). Do your research. They support israel and target just muslims (of course, since steered by zionists). For the rest they are liberals. They have no program, no ideology. They are a bad name for nationalism, and that's exactly what the infiltrated zionists want. The latter only want a mob ready to fight their enemy, i.e muslims.


Tyler 24.09.2013 23:37

stan2013 24.09.2013 22:44

Greece already had a Fascist gov't in the late 60s-early 70s. It was a failure then, Greeks still have yet to learn. Right-wing govt. got Greece into the mess it is currently in. Fascism is not the fix-it answer to their problems.


True fascism (not the name calling version) works very well. It managed to build up Germany from the ashes without greedy bankers, it made the people extremely happy and freed from usurpers, fraudsters, corrupters and greedy bankers. It brought meaning, culture, honor, real progress, comraderie, happiness.


Richard Rabinowitz 24.09.2013 21:59

Rob Strong 24.09.2013 15:17

We need Golden Dawn in UK.


You have the British National Party. That's your Golden Dawn. So?


Richard Rabinowitz 24.09.2013 21:56

My guess is that Golden Dawn has jumped the shark. An eye should be kept on it anyway, just to make sure it doesn't bounce back.


Billy 24.09.2013 20:11

ANTIFA and Anarchists both are George Soros' nwo puppet army...just like the Free Syrian Army. They all eat human organs.

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