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Greenpeace activists ‘posed real threat’ to Arctic oil rig staff – investigators

30.09.2013 11:50

Russian investigators say Greenpeace activists who attempted to board an Arctic oil platform in the Barents Sea “posed a real threat” to employees on the rig. The environmental organization says the action was non-violent and demands the crew be released.

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Ted Crossland 18.10.2013 22:48

That was nothing more than trespass like any civilised country...


GoJo 17.10.2013 18:46

In short, your whole report is a pile of hooey, more fixed on cub journalistic ambition than on the truth.
And you treated your very patient interviewee quite shabbily by subjecting him to the accusation and obtuseness of this "bought by the energy lobby" newsreader.
Or so it seems... as a casual observer...


GoJo 17.10.2013 18:42

Really, if you're going to try to convince me of wrongdoing by the Greenpeace crew, you'll have to do better than that.
As for your rather theatrical, accusatory newsreader, what's to make me believe that she isn't just an agent of the anti-Putin, anti-Greenpeace Russian oil barons who have already made clear their intentions to go as far as to war to protect their ability to drill in the Arctic?


GoJo 17.10.2013 18:37

Steering away that quickly in violent seas is subjecting oneself to potential danger. The Greenpeace boat clearly wanted to stay away from the coast guard vessel.
And did you know that to maintain control of one's vessel in bad seas, one must always have the engine on? You can't just drift, or you have no control as to where you'll drift, or how hard.
That's why the Greenpeace's boat's engine was active as it was pointed towards the Coast Guard vessel, just as much as when it was pointed away mere seconds later.


GoJo 17.10.2013 18:35

I found the report by RT on this event shockingly sensationalist and biased. I am no Greeppeace supporter, but it was clear from the very footage put forth by your "Worlds Apart" newsreader that the Greenpeace boat had no violent or even aggressive intention against the coast guard vessel.
Just look at the footage.
Does a boat that has the intention to "ram" another in violent seas steer immediately away upon first, gentle contact?


Neter 07.10.2013 09:35

If what they dis was dangerous, they should be charged with endangering people and property, not with this stupid absurd charge of piracy, which makes the Russian state look absurd.


SCM 03.10.2013 05:15

Well done to Russia, not scared of hippies and tree huggers to honour the letter of the law.

It is not okey to tresspass on private property so long as you are being "non violent".

It is not okey to break laws so long as you are an "environmental activist".

It's time to put a stop to this nonsense.


doggy870 02.10.2013 16:54

Free them !! They just using all the means they can to protect the North Pole from people who only think abouth making money ! Why do you need to go for oil there realy why !!??? Enough people showed they don't agree so stop liing about activists like greenpeace who had no intention to hurt or damage !!!


Kira Kujira 02.10.2013 00:10

Nothing fascist about detaining violent activists.
Looki ng at the video, this was quite obviously not the "peaceful protest" which they claim. Groups like GP and SSCS often engage in these violent actions, which they term "direct action" as a way to avoid admitting what it really is, and then turn around and pretend to be the victims. I don't feel any pity for them.
They chose to break the law, violently. The whining provides some humor however "I'm an American! I have rights!" "Nobody speaks English!" "How dare they imprison me - a criminal - alongside other criminals!" etc.
I hope they enjoy their stay in the Arctic


Tim Lambert 01.10.2013 12:25

Russian fascism rears its ugly head again.

Free the activists!
Free p*ssy riot!
Down with Lord Putin and his evil reign .


Ben Godfree Grassham 01.10.2013 09:31

Whilst I would say, at heart I am an environmentalist, I totally agree with the above, that most of these type organisations, unfortunately, have been infiltrated and hijacked by those bodies with completely removed objectives. Quite sinister really....


Ben Godfree Grassham 01.10.2013 09:30

I have worked on an off oil rigs for 20 years. The last possible thing you would want is a bunch of untrained personnel, provoking issues during such a delicate operation as drilling in the Arctic. It is a recipe for disaster, where risk of having unwanted guest such as these aboard, could eventuate in unmitigated environmental catastrophe. There needs to be a good measure of penalty for such actions.


sandra 01.10.2013 01:20

Free the activists!


Murray 30.09.2013 20:35

Green "peace"? No way, these people are socialist Eco-terrorists and extremists and must be dealt with harshly. Russia has been very restrained, but not next time, if these extremists are stupid enough to do it a second time.


Levett Prins 30.09.2013 19:14

put these hippies in jail, give them a healthy meal for a change and help them get a decent job before releasing them peacefully

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