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Russian media protests detention of Greenpeace freelance photographer

27.09.2013 15:33

A dozen Russian websites have used black and gray squares instead of photos, protesting against the detention of a Russian freelance photographer with other Greenpeace activists for their action in the Arctic.

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Oliver Tickell 30.09.2013 10:53

The carefully crafted image of Russia as a compassionate, peaceful, law abiding modern state is being let down by the illegal and violent treatment of the Greenpeace protestors. Mr Putin should intervene and call for their release.


Jacob Dreger 28.09.2013 21:51

you this all the time when people buy these freelancers services on sites like some just have to know better before doing idk


Daniel hudd 28.09.2013 15:11

Russia you haven't done anything Wrong, lock them up. If they jumped on a BP or Exxon platform they would be in an American Jail. So thats what they get.


penelope powell 28.09.2013 04:57

Greenpeace is funded by Wall St. thru Tides Foundation & one other foundation. Banksters who control US want control of the Arctic resources. Most of the big NGOs are controlled by Wall St money too. Of COURSE they're going to tell you their actions are for the noble purpose of saving the arctic. Those at the top who make the policy are corrupted, followers are sincere.


Jacques Cameron 28.09.2013 00:46

If you do the the time


Jan Serne 27.09.2013 18:37

Even journalists aren't exempt from the law. It's weird, but true. They aren't allowed to kill nor illegally board vessels. 2 yrs laborcamp will do him a world of good

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