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Greenwald partner sues Home Office as UK defends 'Miranda op'

20.08.2013 14:43

The UK Home Office says it has “to protect the public”, but Miranda has accused Britain of a “total abuse of power” and has said he will take legal action against the Home Office. The Guardian is “supportive” of his action.

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mergon 05.02.2014 12:48

You dont even have to be a player in any activists stuff you can just be someone who comments on the net about government practice and application of technology ,
you could driving your vehicle on the way home and get stopped by the police ,you have not broken any laws ,they know you have tax insurance mot and a clean licence before they pull you over ,but you are given a producer ,the clue here that something is wrong is when this happens 9 times in 2 weeks you start to get an idea something is not quite right , and they are just taking the P.I.SS.


mergon 05.02.2014 12:30

The problem here is British government still thinks we are living in Victorian times where the government via the police/ masons, security forces can do as they please with anybody that will uncover what they are really up to
If you have have ever been on the end of one there security obbo,s where you are followed .photographed and wire tapped ,you would know they dont have any regard for anyone,s rights, you dont even have to be guilty of anything you can just be an inocent person in the wrong place , the aftermath was an invitation to attend an interview with the inland revenue and another one with the DWP


reynov8 24.08.2013 08:35

It's sad but funny too, the way Britain considers itself a free country. The goverment always calling for the removal of tyrants in other countries and behaving in excactly the same manner.


fran7 23.08.2013 07:22

Good for you Miranda as this is a blatant misuse of so called anti terrorist police powers on behalf of out of control USA government.


reine toutou 22.08.2013 20:08

Fat Lip 21.08.2013 00:01

they keep saying his partner, does that mean they are homos? no offense just asking


Yes, it IS an offence!, learn from life, newbie!.


reine toutou 22.08.2013 20:06

Fat Lip 21.08.2013 00:01

they keep saying his partner, does that mean they are homos? no offense just asking


Do tou ask the same thing when they are heteros?...see what I mean?!!!


trx 21.08.2013 08:03

Miranda also needs to sue America as even the most brain-dead Amurican patriot knows very well that Britain was doing the bidding of its American masters.


Dominic Cote 20.08.2013 22:22

I think the World is being duped by this whole thing, Assange, Snowden, Greenwald, Anonomous. Sounds like a 911 or another "Operation Northwoods" this time the pre-emptive war is on the enlightened and their desires for change. Any takers?


hope 20.08.2013 22:09

What have we learned? Presstitutes are in, real journalists are out. Big Brother is all powerful and all knowing. Cross him, and you, your family, and your tribe will regret it. Big Brother decides the terms of debate. Big Brother decides what the truth is. Big Brother owns you and your mind. You are to follow him and love him with all your might.
Down with Big Brother! Down with his lackeys.


João Camacho 20.08.2013 21:40

UK, is in the European Union and as some laws to respect. Also as a collegue I can carry whatever materals with me in legal terms. This "spying" intervetion only demonstrates the not easy way of working of the Cameron PM man . No education, no ethics for the work of journalists and foreigners, as an imperialistic nation, giving a message to outside world. They are preparing for not easy elections.


srila 20.08.2013 19:29

El mal comportamiento de los gobiernos titeres de UK- EEUU, deja claro quien esta detras, la elite financiera que maneja el mundo.
Los reptilianos ya no tienen escape, su maldad toco el cielo, y los hermanos galacticos empezaran actuar para expulsar ha estos demonios donde deben estar.
La humanidad deja la esclavitud y se empodera junto con dios para alcanzar el triunfo del bien sobre el mal.


Paul LaMontagne 20.08.2013 19:23

David Cameron...Winston Churchill would be ashamed of your now permanent status as an American lapdog. Tony Blair just did it with a little more enthusiasm toward Bush than you have shown toward Obama. Come on David, pucker up those Tory lips!


Frank 20.08.2013 19:13

No doubt Downing Street working on orders from the fascist idiot on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Gee z, it is embarrassing to be an American these days. A stasi government combined with the dumbest population on the planet makes for a unstable and unpredictable situation.


Otm Schank 20.08.2013 18:21

By staging this,attention diverted from Egypt brewing war and by staging school shooting they diverting attention from Guardian scandal.Isnt this is time for school holidays in US anyway?


Carlos 20.08.2013 15:43

Frankly the best piece of advice I can give anyone who has been horrified by the current state of affairs is to read Naomi Wolfs "The end of America". The 10 steps which both Mussolini and Hitler used to close down democracy are in play now within the US and some other western countries. We can all go on discussing this, even maybe deny what is going on but all the while our governments are becoming evermore oppressive and the people's voice is becoming weaker.


Carlos 20.08.2013 15:34

The best answer that anyone can give is for all people who are disgusted by the behaviour of the british puppet state is to boycott their products and services. Let these criminals know that you will not tolerate their fascist behaviour in any form. If they are beloved by the US so much let them go cap in hand to them and lets see how far they get then. The US wants the Uk in the EU only to influence policy on their behalf. EU should them kicked out.

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