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200 days of Guantanamo hunger strike

24.08.2013 17:03

As hungers strike at the Guantanamo prison enters its 200th day, the military reports of a decrease in the number of detainees refusing food. But the prisoners say conditions haven’t improved and their fate hasn’t become clearer.

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Eric Angelo 25.09.2013 02:47

This is an example of this country's true colors when it comes to human rights, personal rights, and liberty. This has been brewing a limitless amount of bad Karma that the innocent people of the USA will end up facing. This is how we police the world. It's shameful, it's disgusting, it's evil and a complete embarrassment for America. What's even more diabolical is that most of the people suffering in these concentration camps are INNOCENT AND THEY ARE COMPLETELY AWARE OF THAT! Hence the reason Habeas Corpus has been denied for the victims inside. #therearemonstersinc harge


Tom Hansen 25.08.2013 06:42

And people think that the Gestapo was evil...


Brian Wills 24.08.2013 19:54

Doesn't make any sense at all. They can drone strike anyone, yet they keep these 'untriable combatants' at great cost when they could just put in a chip and have a drone on their shoulder for millions less. USA you are either stupid or just pure evil.. which is it?


Commander 24.08.2013 18:22

The American concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay is a crime against humanity. Only the American Empire can get away with it and its all in the name of "freedom" and "democracy" ;.

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