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Gitmo hunger strike: Timeline

17.03.2013 18:32

A mass hunger strike has been unfolding in the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison for over three months now. RT has been badgering the UN, prison officials, detainees’ attorneys and activists to get a full account of the situation.

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Yıldızlı Piercing Yıldızlı 10.09.2013 08:31

Christian tormenting
And rejects
Other??? ?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Anonymous user 11.07.2013 01:24

Hope all the narrow minds are just as closed when US soldiers become prey to this type of capture.

Anonymous user 11.07.2013 01:24

Talk to wrongfully imprisoned US citizens that spent years, until DNA freed them.

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 03:26

Anyone knows what the reason is behind choosing those 44 inmates ti be force fed vs all 104 ?

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 05:27

this is american freeDOOM

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 07:36

these are the western flag bearers of humanity

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 05:57

this stuff isn't new
this is the health of the state
it cannot survive without oppression like this

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 05:55

gitmo is just the peak of the iceberg

Anonymous user 06.07.2013 08:10

Gitmo-the ugly face of the rogue regime the US has degenerated into.


Johann Schumacher 06.07.2013 01:01

This prison is nothing compare to Russian Sibirian Prison, of course a lots of people are innocent and we know that both in Russia and Usa, but many of them not, I really hope they will start some kind a research who is innocent and who is not, those who aren't american citizents where should they go then ? To their respective countries ? man its a difficult situation =(

Anonymous user 05.07.2013 19:00

The USA has become the monster it once thought to be fighting against!

Anonymous user 05.07.2013 15:09

Maybe we wouldn't hate America as much if they were at least a little subtle.

Anonymous user 05.07.2013 13:23

Force feed them pigsh it. They may have more terrorist information. If not let them starve ;)

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 05:30

What is the difference between Guantanamo Bay and Robin Island ?

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