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Gitmo guards suppressed hunger strike with underhand, abusive tactics, inmates say

12.10.2013 22:50

Guantanamo guards were conducting regular night raids on inmates’ cells, putting prisoners in solitary confinement and manipulating temperature in the cells to force an end to the months’ long hunger strike in the camp, detainees claim.

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Pete Anderson 13.10.2013 12:29

The real face of the globalist agenda and the global village they are leading their indoctrinated Academics into. Sociologists Anthropologists and all you people working in social studies and media studies. Wake up you have been lied too! Stop writing essays about how we need to erase our cultural history and rewrite it so we can be apart of this Globalist world. Journalists stop hiding the truth for the "greater good". You have been sold a lie! What you are doing is evil !


paul muadhib 13.10.2013 09:42

this is meant to bring fear to everyone: if you are against us, see what may happen to you..this is called terroism..what is fear by the way? it is a mental attitude consisting in trying to escape to deal with truth...can I escape truth ? never....truth of death, which is refusing the absolute of this is what is unconsciously riving mankind insane....the more insane I am, the more I try to escape......myself.. .this is not a life , it is empty.....


lena smith 13.10.2013 07:00

most of those in there were NOT terrorists, & Obama wants to know why the world HATES US gov, if they were not terrorists when they went in, don't be surprised when they become terrorists, when they get out, This is not the fault of the american people but of their govt a govt no one in the world believes or trusts. I'd rather live in Russia


Antonio Popač 13.10.2013 04:24

Some of the reasons why U S imperial government arresting people around the World and delivers them to Guantanamo.

check Mediastan video by Wikileaks

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