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UK ordered Guardian to destroy hard drives in effort to stop Snowden revelations

20.08.2013 02:22

UK authorities reportedly raided the Guardian’s office in London to destroy hard drives in an effort to stop future publications of leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The action is unlikely to prevent new materials coming out.

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mergon 04.02.2014 10:26

If you org keeps info on note books you to get an industrial electronic magnet such as the one fitted to an industrial surface grinder ,its quite a compact unit really
But very powerful place a note on it and press the button and bingo a complete wipe ,does phones to .
Without one they have what they are looking for ,
with one you loose the phone and or notebook but they have no evidence !


fran7 23.08.2013 07:19

Draconian measures and misuse of police powers just like the siege going on at Equadorian Embassy in London with UK cow towing to USA re Assange.


Jan Vanosnabrugge 22.08.2013 14:50

Guardians' Rusbridger pointed out that the whole exercise was "pointless" ;....
But was it ? Did the two government witnesses take away the "destructed&quo t; hard drives which they desperately wanted because it would tell them the extent of damage caused by Snowden ?


Lieb 21.08.2013 11:11

What is going on in the free world? Politicians waste our money and they (And the banks!!!!) want to control our lives. It is our freedom and privacy!!! I suppose for posting this comment somebody dressed in a black suit and sunglasses will soon knock on my front door.


David Barnes 21.08.2013 10:48

@ MEJanssen

S orry, I should of made my example clearer. I know terrorists will not be using such simplistic words over the internet to plot. However, I meant there are key things - based on data collection- that I imagine the security services look out for.

I think you've all watched Enemy of the State one too many times.


trx 21.08.2013 04:50

Anglo-American "freedom of the press" means ... the freedom to destroy hard drives with information that the North Americans or British don't want the world to know about!


MEJanssen 21.08.2013 00:48

@ David Barnes, I am happy for your faith in the government and am sure you "probably" have nothing to hide. However, you should be warned that you included several "hot" words in your paragraph and then listed 6 target countries - enough to put a red flag on your file and probably give you your own designated NSA satellite. Can you prove your innocence?


Matthew Brooks Quinn 20.08.2013 22:49

Disgusted to be honest and not surprised. I Live in the United Kingdom and I'm very disappointed in what our Government is doing. Edward Snowden is a hero in my eyes and to many others too. People should not worry about GCHQ and journalists should continue posting articles about Edward Snowden. Saddened to think UK is apart of this pointless stupid program.


Andy Law 20.08.2013 20:17

if the government does what it likes and has backing of police and military what fcking chance have we got


Zina Antoaneta 20.08.2013 18:38

[quote name='David Barnes'
You are so casual regarding leaked documents about US government activities which go against everything that America stood for! Against the US constitution! If Orwell's 1984 is your ideal, then indeed you have nothing to worry about. Or maybe you play a role yourself in the new police state and bet on the fact that it will never turn against you. Be careful, it's a risky bet!


Otm Schank 20.08.2013 18:10

This is worse than Stalinist Russia.Totalitarian takeover of the free world.


David Barnes 20.08.2013 18:02

Personally, I don't have a problem with 'snooping' by the Government. You all act like they're interested in each and everyone of your lives, when realistically they're only going to be interested in key words or phases which may be a threat to security. Also, Government spying is nothing new. I've got no doubt in my mind that Russia, China, UK, U.S, France, Germany etc. etc. are all up to similar activities. You're all just looking for a story that's really not that interesting or new. I don't understand how anyone is really that bothered by this. Kind regards.


Bogdan Banciu 20.08.2013 16:31

[quote name='Bogdan Banciu' time='20.08.2013 16:30']

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wrong quote !
My bad sorry !


Bogdan Banciu 20.08.2013 16:30

Zorro 20.08.2013 16:13

Yo u have a valid point. When the State builds a security apparatus like this it can rapidly be used nefariously at the whim of a President whom now holds dictatorial powers. We only have blind faith that this will not be abused by future leaders. Oh wait a minute! The is the IRS scandal about targeting dissident groups. Oh my almost forgot that


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Maurice Lacunza 20.08.2013 15:56

Even though I have an issue against Russian policy towards gays, I am very grateful that they opened their doors to Snowden. I also appreciate the RT News. Most of the time you hit hard on issues (except the gay issue- you totally sold out to Russian politics.) Overall, I want to say thank you for covering this Snowden story and for giving refuge to him. Thank you.


Farah Theodore 20.08.2013 15:53

WTF is going on! I can hardly believe what I'm reading here. When the majority of citizens choose to remain silent in the face of all these happenings is beyond comprehension to me. The audacity of the British authorities to orchestrate such a thing is repulsive. I am in awe and stand by everyone who has the backbone to resist such pressure to defend the rights and freedoms so many enjoy. I am disheartened by the attack on the media and journalism by the government. I believe that it is in the interest of humanity to preserve the freedom of expression and press/media rather than have governments.


Zina Antoaneta 20.08.2013 15:47

[quote name='David Barnes' time='20.08.2013 14:46']Considering the majority of you hand over all your details to Google, Twitter, Facebook et al. you complain at the Government who are only interested in monitoring the activities of terrorists, not if you've sent your mother an email. [quote]. Have you heard of DEA and IRS starting investigations on info. retrieved illegally through NSA monitoring?


Babeouf 20.08.2013 15:36

UK not a US ally more a US colony.
NSA->Obama ->Cameron->GCH Q.
The US government knows when it comes to lick spittles you can't beat the old world charm of a UK Prime Minister.


Gnollrunner 20.08.2013 15:23

[quote name='David Barnes' time='20.08.2013 14:46']Furthermore, Snowden, going to Russia..a country that's got a really successful human rights record...nah.[/quote ]

Russia has a far more successful human rights record than the USA in the last 20 years counting everything. The difference is generally people in the US think "human rights" only includes people within its borders. The lives of people in "third world" countries are not considered as important and so these people are therefor considered fair game buy the US government. The Iraq war alone is a human rights disaster.

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