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Hague: Syria turning into jihadist magnet

14.02.2013 20:47

War-torn Syria is now "number one" destination for jihadists who could then return to Europe experienced “in weapons and explosives” to carry out terror attacks, Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague warns.

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Anonymous user 25.04.2013 15:35

This was the same man who promise to issue body armor to terrorists in Syria, what have change now

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 15:32

Thought he promise to give them body armor, which the British troop didn't have in Iraq.

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 14:00

hague is incarnation of devil

Anonymous user 21.03.2013 08:32

He was trained by McAlpine, the thing used to go right down his throat, no wonder the fuzzy voice !

Anonymous user 21.03.2013 02:32

Does this includ YOU Mr. Hague?
just put some Turban on your naked head

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 10:48

Willian Hague hated by his own people 35 years a liar,ask his wife puff

Anonymous user 04.03.2013 02:10

And he will give a easy target -he forget to feed his children,but had money to prop up Terrorits

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 04:07

imperialistic influenced jihadist rebels need more resources to carry on covert western war

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 04:05

wilieam hague "syria becoming jihadist magnet" so just the right time to commit serious resources...

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