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Deaths, lies and the NHS: Shocking new healthcare scandals emerge in UK

14.02.2013 11:57

A British health manager warned the boss of the NHS four years ago that his hospital was a threat to patients’ safety. A nationwide investigation into avoidable hospital deaths has found that such warnings from doctors were often silenced or ignored.

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mergon 10.08.2014 10:26

perhaps if they stop paying bonuses to the doctors to kill patients off things may slow down a bit !


RayOne 05.02.2014 18:45

The CommonCore of this administration is madness, and unaffordable.


John 14.05.2013 19:25

Look up, "Common Purpose" on your search engine, then you will know why the British society is collapsing. Nothing works right any more and the failing N.H.S. is only one part of the massive subversion that is going on in the country. It starts at the top with the treasonous Westminster mob.

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