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‘Not a dictatorship yet’: Thousands of Hungarians protest constitutional change

17.03.2013 19:19

Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets on Sunday, protesting against draconian changes to the constitution approved by the parliament despite warnings from the European Union and the US.

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Paul Timms 26.03.2013 17:34

Must be some kind of joke when the EU is suggesting that these proposed constitutional changes in Hungary undermine democracy. Pot calling kettle black! Look what they've just done to Cyprus!

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 15:00

Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, they are like brothers. Only politics make them hate each other.

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 14:57

Hungarians are fed up with their radical political propaganda against neighbouring countries.

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 11:06

Croatia is on IMF, EU , WB plate too for 23 years, but now they eating us faster

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 11:04

It means that he will get cancer too in close future, same like Chavez and some others..

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 11:03

So Orban finally started to act for the Hungary, not anymore against it...

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 11:02

EU and IMF again financing demonstrations. Even little children understand now IMF strategy

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 09:23

Breaching the EU's founding principles including DEMOCRACY?....ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 08:38

According to polls 85% supports the government.

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 08:36

Since when did EU/US listen to its own people?

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 08:18

3000 people protested against the government, and 400000 for it

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 00:43

After 2 world wars, Europe is still just a continent of savages and lunatics

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