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IAEA suggests Fukushima consider ‘controlled discharge’ of toxic water into ocean

04.12.2013 13:31

The UN nuclear watchdog has advised the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to consider dumping toxic water into the ocean after lowering the level of radioactive materials to below the legal limit.

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Comments (22) Sort by: Highest rating Oldest first Newest first 24.05.2014 09:10

Why has no desalination plant been built to remove the radio active salts from the contaminated water? The desalinated water would contain no radio active materials.


Abinico Warez 26.12.2013 20:41

Put the water into barrels and store them in the back yards of the IAEA members - problem solved.


Mary Fletcher 14.12.2013 20:59

What is the point? To make them look good? Fukushima has DESTROYED all life in the Pacific Ocean. Its all washing ashore on the west coast of USA. DEAD and bloated and tumored carcasses of EVERY sea animal and bird. Bazillians of Japan's junk from the tidal wave floats in the sea. The entire Ocean is fried. Ask any American, we are seeing it. Soon it will be in our rain water that washes across the country. Its like , they won Pearl Harbor, after all these damned years.


Krzysztof Wiacek 12.12.2013 12:05

How come people were rebuilding Hiroshima a week after nuclear and fallout and three years later it was a booming town again. And Fukushima is getting worse by the day. They should nuke the whole area with 100kt bomb and erase all contaminated water and everything else in a flash. Nobody lives in 30km radius. They would have done it already but unfortunately nuclear bombs do not exist because the quick fusion does not work and never did. Nazis knew it already in 1942.


jackson 12.12.2013 04:29

wow .Good thing its not an Uncontrolled discharge. other wise one might think they are not in control. hey! I got the answer! lets kill the ocean and contaminate millions in a CONTROLLED manner! like controlled diseases! or whatever. controlled crime. controlled death. that way its not bad!


David Taylor 07.12.2013 22:58

TEPCO has been sent proposals to transfer the water into a superttanker so it can be taken offsite for processing. Instead of accepting the offer, they want to kill more of the Pacific Ocean.


Suzuki Hiroshi 06.12.2013 19:13

TEPCO investigates radiation levels of exhaust stack at Fukushima Daiichi

Enf ormable – Dec 6, 2013

Tokyo Electric assumes that the high dose areas identified by investigations, is likely due to two or more highly radioactive sources in the piping.

It is estimated that the sources may around 25 Sieverts per hour near-surface, with a dose rate of some 15 Sieverts per hour.


bri ryan 05.12.2013 23:13

put the radiactive water in a used oil tanker[s]
tranfe r the radiactve water to a used oil rig,
in to a dry oil well, bury it deep
get ready for the next shipment,
seal the well head when your finished...
No polutated water saves the Pacific
No contamination ocean water going through the new Nicrcagua Canal and killing the Caribbian


Simon Wright 05.12.2013 11:40

lots of people on here saying how it should or should not be done but the only way is a co-op between every country in the world that has land ie deserts or non permiable rock to move it all and bury it. If we can drill deep enough to frack for oil we can drill deep enough to dispose of all the waste from fukashima


Barry Sargeant 05.12.2013 09:03

The UN IAEA is more of a lapdog than a watchdog for the Nuke industry and the NWO depopulation policy. Thats why the UN support geoengineering or "Chem Trails"
Thats why "legal safe limits" on radiation levels are always being increased to suit that agenda.


john 05.12.2013 07:26

and this is what happens when you combine failed, monolocked, unfair and asymetrical capitalism with technologies that have the potential to causse extinction level events.. fukupies...


farrier 05.12.2013 05:40

This redefines terrorism for me. The government used to tell me who was a terrorist and why in their own context. I say if they dump this radioactive waste into the ocean they are the terrorists against the people who live on the earth. I for one, will not allow "controlled dumping" which is another word for irresponsible draining of radioactive waste into the ocean. Find another solution or suffer the consequences of your terrorist act on the people of the world.

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