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Leaked: UK plans cutting influx of EU immigrants by one-third

15.12.2013 12:29

The number of immigrants allowed to move to the UK from EU countries could be cut by one-third and limited to 75,000 people a year under proposals set out by the Home Office, according to a leaked government report.

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OriginalAmericanPioneer 16.12.2013 17:12

The EU banking/financial elites have a tacit policy of 3rd world colonization of ethnic European countries. If the ethnic English get lucky, maybe the ruling elites will give them a small "reservation&qu ot; in some remote part of England 100 years from now, where their diminished remnant can exist and practice the then archaic English cultural ceremonies (like Christmas) for tourists.


Tony Blair 16.12.2013 16:53

Michael Pickles Clark 16.12.2013 15:12

It's a bit late now, this should have been done 20yrs ago. Were flooded with the fkkers now. They all need sending back to where they came from.


Your right, if you want it sorted out permanently at the next election, vote national socialist.


Michael Pickles Clark 16.12.2013 15:12

It's a bit late now, this should have been done 20yrs ago. Were flooded with the fkkers now. They all need sending back to where they came from.


Angelos Gavriel 16.12.2013 11:24

What a load of balderdash........ vote BNP that's the only way to cut the mass influx of immigration.


Anemos 16.12.2013 09:49

Why limiting the numbers of immigrants? The few hundred decision makers in the UK economy need them to keep the wages low, profits should stay high.

Apart from that Cameron is mentioning gypsies and saying "EU Europeans" . So society is not only getting ra ped by our so called "elite", those guys form the bottom level of exploiters.

They are contributing nothing their host countries except getting benefits from a european society already in deep fiscal trouble.


1222203 16.12.2013 07:08

1st actually intelligent non war related thing the Brits have done in decades!!

C ut that number by another 20 or 30k next year !!


HB 16.12.2013 04:48

Long overdue. The EU is a disaster which ever way you look at it: economic, social, religious, intellectual. Italy rioting, Greece a cot case, Spain in crisis ... what used to be a continent of individual nations is now a darkening mess. Only the banksters have profited. And now the Ukraine wants to dive into the cesspool?! They're nuts.
Britain turned its back on very successful trade relationships with its old Empire and left them all hanging - because Edward Heath's grubby secret life, which is now bubbling to the surface, was threatened to be exposed.
How do you put the genie back into the bottle?


Greg Burton 16.12.2013 02:28

UK elite: Yes, well those neo-liberal policies we've been pursuing for decades creating the forced migration of peoples off their lands and away from the resources we've coveted have gotten to the point where we can't assimilate these wogs, so depopulation seems to be the acceptable solution.


a.n 16.12.2013 00:01

In 2001, British foreign secretary Robin Cook declared that "Chicken Tikka Massala is now a true British national dish, not only because it is the most popular, but because it is a perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs and adapts external influences."


donriver 15.12.2013 23:28

I can see Britain leaving the EU-It is like a round peg faced with a slew of square holes-it does not fit in!


Phil Taylor 15.12.2013 20:21

This is horsepoop. EU citizens can live and work anywhere in the Union. Member states cannot control it. I suggest this 'confidential document' has been leaked to hookwink the UK into thinking HMGov can do something. They can't so long as we remain in the EU. 


amere-brush-hand 15.12.2013 19:02

Europe is becoming a nightmare for people. Good days are gone. Globalisation creating a race to the bottom. Standard of living for millions declining.

Opening the gates to insanity. Exactly what the sociopathic, ruthless, capitalist overlords want. Leonard Cohen was right: " give me back the Berlin wall" from the song 'the future'


amere-brush-hand 15.12.2013 18:42

Insanity of the EU. Millions of people in poverty due to the criminal behavior of the banks. Get the citizens to cough up for this crime. Cut safety nets and pauperize people.

Millions on the move looking for work where there is no work. A race to the bottom while the rich get richer. UK is run by the most vicious cruel politicos imaginable.

Millions being thrown into extreme poverty and destitution. Labour party sold out to big business years ago. If you don't get a job, you could end up homeless. Becoming like US every day. Run by sociopaths and criminal bankers.


Christopher Rainbow 15.12.2013 18:21

This alleged proposal is too little too late. Nobody wants to see their culture and heritage taken away and eroded as a result of such an influx of people with whom there is no natural relationship or rapport. The Poles for example have eroded the working conditions of British tradesmen and women and many areas of the UK have been changed beyond recognition. It is a fact that when times are hard there is a danger of a backlash.


BernardV 15.12.2013 18:16

It's never going to happen.

Thi s is just a proposal that the government might put forward if they win the next election in 2015. Until then things will stay the same.


john robert roworth 15.12.2013 18:15

Well Groovy Bob. When the time comes when there will be no where for my grand children to live, I will come and see you as to what advice you can give them ?


Groovy Bob 15.12.2013 17:55

Thanks to the rabid tabloid press Britain has become an island of xenophobia.


Gerhard Viljoen 15.12.2013 17:48

Its a bit too late now. The damage was done.


Michał Placha 15.12.2013 17:44

They forget to add that migrant workers who already entered UK from EU produce economy growth they need for harvesting their taxes from poor people. English people are lazy and they would not take most jobs on the market as they prefer to stay at home and milk the benefit system that pull the national debt to the limit.

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