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Migrants mopping up UK jobs?

27.09.2011 07:09

As spending cuts in the UK force a growing number of people out of work, the few vacancies that are left are mostly going to immigrants.

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mergon 25.07.2014 10:48

Immigrant ? need tax credits ? get a job washing cars at Asda /home base or anywhere a car wash has sprung up
you got to wonder how many of these have sprung up and who owes them ? they are legal employment for tax credit claims and more , if i was in human traffic and it was getting to hot i would run a chain of car washes all the ones iv seen are run and worked by immigrants !


Kevin 08.05.2013 21:43

This is happening EU wide. Main problem is loan dumping, taking foreigners at about a third of the pay locals get. Govt's then get less taxes and have to support unemployed and the dwindling spiral of EU policy goes on.

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