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Switzerland to restrict immigration despite EU anger

25.04.2013 05:01

Switzerland will restrict immigration from European countries in an effort to limit the flow of migrants to the wealthy country, which is not a European Union member. The decision has prompted harsh criticism from the EU's foreign policy chief.

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Regula 09.02.2014 12:03

In Switzerland real estate is so expensive that about 60% of housing is subsidized by the government. The money has to come from somewhere, which is the taxpayers. Unless the immigrants are qualified employees to wealth producing companies, the common Swiss people will have to pay higher taxes to keep the less wealthy under a roof in winter. Also, it happened before that CH was flooded with Italian guest workers and that schools were overloaded with children who didn't speak the language. So were hospitals and social services. Understandably, the Swiss were muff and want to limit immigration from eastern Europe.

Anonymous user 03.07.2013 04:29

Perfectly fine to limit the immigration. Has to taje care of its own citizens first.

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 18:24

Remember, swiss economy would die if EU would close the door to swiss exportations to the EU area.

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 18:23

limited people... 95% of EU citizens working in Switzerland are highly qualified people.

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 18:21

Swiss are simply ignorant
It's the limits to the highly qualified EU citizens to work in Switzerland

Anonymous user 28.04.2013 17:44

Well done!. It was long overdue. We are being flooded with immigrants from the EU and India !

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 08:55

Well done Switzerland.

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 05:13

that is a shame, one of the few stable places left. For europeans, there is literally nowhere to go.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 23:35

Good, keep the Muslims out before Switzerland is unrecognizable.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 21:52

The out of touch EU dictators, Condemning common sense once again !

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 21:43

When people/immigrants from Europe go to live in other countries, they are called experts. In what?

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 21:39

When people from abroad come to Europe the are called immigrants.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 21:34

Where does gold and diamond traded in Switzerland come from? Africa.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 21:26

If all of you read the article properly, they are talking about immigration from eastern Europe.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 21:22

It looks like majority of commentators are from Britain. Are there British immigrants living abroad?

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 20:23

"...measures adopted by Geneva..." Geneva is a member State of Switzerland, not Switzerland itself.

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