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Britain to fail government immigration target – Business Secretary

07.01.2014 11:41

UK PM David Cameron's pledge to cut net migration to below 100,000 has been branded impractical by the UK business secretary. He added the country will fail to meet the target of less than 100,000 migrants entering per year.

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Pamela Davis 28.03.2014 01:27

can-awesome- love immigration- but we have increased by 5-6 million in less then 5 years-unemployment is very high-costs-canada now is 22% more expensive than other countries-11% more expensive to live than britian-slightly less than hongkong-norway-and singapore-most can. are so in debt from school, houses and work the next generation is super hooped for sure. it not as bad as other places but without oil and half the pop- retiring soon-it going to be a tougher place to live indeed.


Rob Strong 08.01.2014 07:58

Its not white immigrants that cause problems, its non-whites and moslems.


Charles 07.01.2014 20:39

That's nothing ! Never been to Canada eh ! Our whole identity ( Canadaian's - xEuropeans ) has iether been lost , stolen or forgotten . It now or has been for years selling to the world and our public the nation of multiculturalism . Doesn't work , won't work , isn't working on top of that we got the US Americanizing our people's morals and minds .


Alex Ramsey 07.01.2014 20:18

Why nobody get this!! England is an island and can only accomodate so many.Each foreign national get in the country would need housing, health care, car(s) etc etc..
which leads to bad heath care, shortage of housing massive traffic , bigger polution for indigenous people of this country.
Is this right??


КЕВИН БОФФ 07.01.2014 17:50

It involves British people coming back from overseas who are not immigrants but are counted in the numbers,” well i returned to UK from EU and was victimised by Uk government and still going on! example wife and daughter refused visa after spouse visa ect Only way now for me to see my wife is to leave the UK and I british born and 60 years old !

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