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India launches first home-built aircraft carrier

12.08.2013 08:06

India has launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier on Monday, joining the world’s military elite. It comes two days after the activation of India’s first nuclear submarine, a move hailed as a "giant stride in technological capabilities.”

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Dennis Zwolle 16.11.2013 22:16

People, People were loosing our focus here? Why is every country in the world building up armaments, especially "AIR-CRAFT CARRIERS"; This make the 2nd one in 2013 to be released? Here what you need to ask yourselves, what is the global community preparing for? Also, is Ison, Ison?? Be bold and think out of the box and start connecting the dots, the puzzle will start to form and you will get a fuzzy picture of what's going on! Right now, forget the Money Aspects, and focus on "WHY"! This is certainly not about pride of a Nation! Preparation for Something BIG???? LET'S SEE IF THEY PULL THIS POST???


catcrapcookies 16.09.2013 06:29

Ok I just dont get the joke will someone clue me in.
Its only half a ship and are those tin sheds for the superstructure? I can see from the bow that it kinda looks like the front of an aircraft carrier but where is the mid section and the aft section? I dont get it is it a perspective thing and whats up with the tin sheds?


matahari 15.09.2013 19:30

Like lawyers, they revel in other's misfortunes.


matahari 15.09.2013 19:28

One of the commentators said Rudsia is India's brother. Really? Why isn't India standing with Russia on the Syrian issue, ready to back Russia and Syria jn itd fight - diplomatically and militarily against the US should come to a shove? Why is it so quiet? Truth is, this is a parasitic and shameless opportunistic country - taking advantage of any feud between any two countries by being the third party snake.


Veritas 15.09.2013 16:44

Home-built carrier to carry foreign-built aircrafts.


Ian Treasure 15.09.2013 15:25

India spending ridiculous amont of money on Military/neuclear weaponries while they don't have a proper sewage system throughout their country. no running water and flushable toilets while people go to the bathroom wherever they can go including $hitting in the parks or on the streets. Most their fresh water system is teaming with cholera and polluted with raw sewage. India needs to improve the lives of thier citizens instead of wasting billions on WMDs..


matahari 14.08.2013 19:38

Milestone? What milestone? Why launch a vessel that is far from completed? Is this a joke? Or the need for glory or pandering to their ego and vanity is so great they would officially "launch" a ship that cannot sail yet. Indigeously built? When the ship is completed you may use that word. Otherwise you are making a fool of yourself and that"s no exaggeration


Susubara Bara 13.08.2013 14:00

Pakistanis here with changed names can show their frustration but Indians don't care . Yes, we have millions poor and hungry , we are making efforts to feed such huge population but at the same time we are making efforts to keep pace with modern science and technology . Fact is that India has Russia as its brother which helped India to stand on its feet . On the other hand the brother of Pakistan ,U.S.A has led it to the path of self destruction .


Stan Dinsmore 12.08.2013 23:46

Aircraft Carriers are going to be made obsolete by any future major warfare. Aircraft Carriers in existence: Japan 1; Britain 1; Russia 2 {sold 1 to china}, China 1, USA 11, India 1. A multi-million dollar Aircraft carrier can be laid to rest on ocean floor by 1 million-dollar Missile. They make big targets, with nowhere to hide, which really makes them little more than window-dressing by nations wanting to show off. Note who has the most carriers.


morph gull 12.08.2013 22:06

Nice looking Carrier India. I hope to see it in action soon.


Magzoub Amin 12.08.2013 21:41

I wish to see India one of the most powerful country all over the world because it bears strong people that straggle against poorness , illness and illiteracy to get his pearl dignity and to have the front seat of the developed countries .

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