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Avoiding NSA clutches: India to launch internal email policy for govt comms

31.10.2013 00:18

India is on the verge of implementing an internal email policy for official communications in order to avoid using American-based web services that have been compromised by the National Security Agency.

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Munsif Zaidi 01.11.2013 17:19

Super Post: Absolutely agree with you. We have no business in Afghanistan. It was a blunder for us to have participated in the cold war. We are paying the price. You are ill informed that we are the cause of destruction there. We continue to pay the price cause we continue to dance to the tune of our masters, in the process we have destroyed ourselves. Muslim or no Muslim, I am for peace with India. We are the same people and speak the same language. Its the bitterness of partition that continues to define both the nation.


SuperPosts 31.10.2013 18:31

@Zaidi: Ah, what goes around comes around. What is Pakistan's business in Afghanistan? You are one of the main reasons of destruction there! Funny thing is you are originally created as a bargain piece to stop India and Gandi-G gaining independence, other wise you are India (same people, same culture, same food...) except that you are Muslim but so are other nations.


Groovy Bob 31.10.2013 13:31

That underea cable from Fortaleza to Vladivstock will bea prime target for the Yanks to tap; the NSA has been tapping undersea cables for years.

The Brics need to let Yankee know that a tap on that cable would be a red line.


Munsif Zaidi 31.10.2013 12:56

Sharma you are not so innocent. You broke up Pakistan. Fund terrorism here costing thousand of lives. Millions of Kashmiris raped and killed. Funded Civil War in Sri Lanka. Illegally continue to occupy Kashmir. Do not want to settle any disputes. Now you want to piggy back USA and get a role in Afghanistan only to fulfill you sinister designs in Pakistan.

Don't try to act innocent and cover your crimes. Talk Peace or else both of us will burn and guess who has more to loose. You will never subdue Pakistan, with or without USA help. So go and have a drink and relax


Masud Rana 31.10.2013 11:10

The world is changing. Watch out!


Anurag Sharma 31.10.2013 10:48

Roxy Chick 31.10.2013 10:13

India/Pak need to start working on cementing a friendship ....


We (India) have tried for friendship. We invite their leaders, ask for ceasefire on Line of Control, setup regular meets between officials & how Pakistan pays back? Terrorist attacks on Mumbai, Regular cross firing across LOC to give covering fires to terrorists entering India, funding Indian Mujahideen modules & most importantly hiding the biggest terrorists in the world. It is the center of terrorism. I don't say people of Pak are bad but we are fed up of Pak govt. We are going to stand against it.


Roxy Chick 31.10.2013 10:13

India/Pak need to start working on cementing a friendship and start rising up against the americans, Pakistan can't be all that bad when it won't put up with black men sleeping with their women or allowing their people to be corrupted (except the gov's as usual) but India needs to make friends with its neighbours then you will find that the west will not be able to do what it wants!


Roxy Chick 31.10.2013 09:59

India needs to get Russia, China and Brazil/Latin America all of it, on its side and together they need to approach obama and demand his impeachment and then sanction the usa on spying.


mijj 31.10.2013 05:38

[quote name='Carlos Gomez']I believe female's should run the government's as with that we wouldn't have any more war's and 3rd world country's children would have plenty to eat![/quote]

ha! .. yeh, right. Thatcher was female, but she was a war criminal, scumbag, psycho.

The faux-democracies of the west are attractive to, and show a preference for, psychopaths. Gender doesn't help with that at all. What is needed is for the sanity of politicians to be scrutinized. And for a reversal of the current trend of adulating psychopathic behavior.


Carlos Gomez 31.10.2013 03:52

Rick on the female topic, your absolutely correct! Across the globe female's are treated like 5th class citizen's and even though I have high machismo, I believe Female's should run the government's as with that we wouldn't have any more war's and 3rd world country's children would have plenty to eat! Our government wouldn't be over run with lobbyist giving cash for vote's, the defence spending monies would then be reduced to nil and everyone on earth would prosper.


Carlos Gomez 31.10.2013 02:52

To Rick,

Yes, and why wouldn't they? They can sell the equipment to them and turn around and then re-sell the encryption codes to the Government ! Its a sweet deal! Make money on both ends!

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