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Crewmembers killed as Indian submarine explodes, sinks at naval dockyard (VIDEO)

14.08.2013 02:42

More than a dozen sailors on board an Indian Navy submarine are feared dead after it caught fire, exploding and partially sinking at a naval dockyard in Mumbai. India’s defense minister A. K. Antony confirmed that navy personnel had died in the explosion.

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Muhammad Abbass 15.08.2013 01:16

Some dweeb with no skills and no interest in doing a serious day's work, makes $72 an hour on their computer. He didn't have to think or even move around. He can pee in a cup and not even get out of his chair. After a few weeks even that was too much for the dweeb but he made $20,000 in that time and now has enough stash to stay at his computer for another six months just eating twisties and smoking weed.


tony 14.08.2013 23:46

Lucy Suarez is sooo right. Why rent or buy old subs which always have problems. Witness the Kursk and other soviet subs which sank wilh all hands aboard lost. Feed the people and educate them and then make your own subs if you really need them.


lucy suarez 14.08.2013 21:57

Instead of buy submarines why don't feed your people, or spend this money in something more productive.


Otm Schank 14.08.2013 18:09

First incident involved no ventilation for the battery,second incident-same thing.Some people should not fly,some should not drive but these guys should leave submarine business all together.


Peter Dunaj 14.08.2013 17:53

in such case (word spoken..) followed phone call to boss in far in the west: "job done"


Tyler Chester 14.08.2013 13:57

[quote name='Nobody' time='14.08.2013 12:18']This was an accident. It could have happened to a Chinese sub, Russia sub, and American sub. Any.

[/quot e]

Ha, you say that now but if it was American. I betcha all the bashers would come out and play in the comments section.


groingo 14.08.2013 13:56

These subs are well known for doing this as happened before, sometimes a bad design is just that.


Pete Wagner 14.08.2013 12:44

Were it not for the zionists, no navy would even need subs.


Dan 14.08.2013 12:32

Correction / clarification to my post. This article did mention the upgrade to the sub but didn't state where the upgrade was done.


Jubba323 14.08.2013 12:28

[quote name='Nobody' time='14.08.2013 12:18']This was an accident. It could have happened to a Chinese sub, Russia sub, and American sub. Any.

[/quot e]

You must be a muslime.


Dan 14.08.2013 12:13

The article didn't mention that the Russian submarine recently underwent an upgrade earlier this year in Russia. Also the same sub had a similar incident in 2010. So something stinks here and I don't mean like curry.

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