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Syria anti-intervention march in London draws thousands (PHOTOS)

31.08.2013 16:15

Thousands gathered in Trafalgar Square in London to take part in the ‘Hands off Syria’ rally, protesting against the US-lead military intervention in the Middle Eastern country.

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Anthony Gluchy 08.09.2013 19:25

Maybe as the UK has hypocrites wich is called The Government.
Open borders to anyone , no home land security and selling chemicals to Syria a year ago.
Are we in another dimension where these governments in the UK are born to be stupid and have no idea on Terrorism and just go with the flow so the British citizen is forced to live in a backward country of no control of anything...


Dimitri 02.09.2013 22:21

Britain really showed all other western countries that are currently under Zionist control, that it is possible to take back control.


David 02.09.2013 11:15

For once our democratically elected UK government has listened to the will of the people rather than ignore the UK population and go to war just like Tony Blair did with Iraq. Pouring more fire on this war is not going to help the situation. Some times it is better to not do something than think we can always make things better with weapons.


Jaroslav Belicka 02.09.2013 11:06

Good to see some wise people, the salt of the earth who will stand against the wickedness of few, the minority who always benefit from the misfortune and death of others. Stand up and do not give up. God is with you.


The plague 02.09.2013 11:02

At least in Britain the workers showed Cameron and his mentors who's the real boss.

But watch out, they still have many dirty tricks up their sleeves when it comes to starting illegal wars.


Sharron Scotland 01.09.2013 16:32

Not as big of a pretest as it was back in 2001 before the Iraq War, but still, a first for the UK not to get invovled in a Military Operation against another country. Long may it continue.


Hasitha Udawattha 01.09.2013 15:18

It took nearly 10 years for the US people to understand the truth in Vietnam war, now this really seems as a good hope, A CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!


NSA 01.09.2013 15:07

Cheers to British people in marching against war.
Your actions force David Cameron to step back from committing a terrorist act in your name.


Freesaxon 01.09.2013 13:21

A slight glimmer of hope


justnfree 01.09.2013 11:31

World against NATOGCC + Israel.


Paul Mitford 01.09.2013 09:52

Trafalgar Square will be Obama's next target if zionist americans and israelis have their way.Israel must be dismembered by the UN and America must cut off all military aid to israel. Stop funding zionist racist terrorists, now.


miscom 2008 01.09.2013 09:22

This is good news. At last people have the courage to step up and fight for humanity. Don't let some evil leader do as they like. If they want the war. Ask them go there by them self , don't sacrifice your beloved son to the war or at least don't let their hand dirty by killing innocent people


SCOTT WILLIAMS 01.09.2013 01:31

Western intervention in Syria has nothing to do with this current "chemical weapons" propaganda campaign or human rights. It has to do with American corporate interests & the Syrian/Iranian alliance. For additional source info, Google: Iranian oil brouse, or: petrodollar warfare.

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