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‘Iran can’t covertly produce atomic bomb’ – US intelligence chief

12.03.2013 19:13

Iran cannot produce enough highly-enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon without being found out by the international community, the US National Intelligence Director told Congress. He also countered claims Tehran had decided to build an atomic bomb.

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Anonymous user 15.03.2013 00:06

why not have the religous leaders of iran go to the un & issue a fatwah against nukes

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 08:06

And they should as quickly as they can to stop the thugs attacking!!!


Dominique Morales 14.03.2013 03:23

Enough of those nuclear paranoid yankees and their friends with big teeth in Palestine. Give us a break, we are not all in your "international community of imperialist vampires". In fact, we are 120 non-aligned nations, we do not believe on your hysteria. Destroy all your nukes first and give example after, you vampires.


salnovaski 14.03.2013 00:37

Iran is using nuclear reactor not to produce nuclear weapons but to help export and import oil and natural gas Iran is not producing nuclear weapons.


Shafi Khaled 13.03.2013 18:30

Well, then, either use Depend or the Drone.

Cros sing the Red-line is such an oxymoron for nations who have been crossing it over and over again.

The world is tired of your ranting through both sides of the mouth. Crying wolf is too hackneyed. That you are docile, accomodating and vulnerable is such a patent lie.

Yes, the foam around the mouth is quite unbecoming.

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 15:23

and honestly it doesn't matter because we can change our mind and then attack if they do go for nuke

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 15:23

honestly I do believe them. I like nuclear power. doesn't pollute and lifts people out of poverty.

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 14:33

Yet a "Terrorist" ; can hide in the mountains for 12 years.....

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 13:48

Natanyhu is one load of shill... The only person giving Iran reason to build a bomb is u..

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 13:32

Having a cancerous tumor in your body needs removal

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 13:29

I want Israel wiped of the map too

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 13:22

yah i wonder if they could buy an old one from russia, or even the cia hahaha

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 13:14

If Iran had a nuclear weapon would Israel be so keen to use military incursions in the Middle East?

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 12:24

althou I do recall Iran once saying they wanted to wipe Israel of the map so it might be for weapons

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 12:21

if its for a nuke then UN should stop them from building it,
if its for electricity leave them be

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 12:14

CIA?=Coward Idiotic analfabets!

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 12:12

Come on,cia are famos for surporting dictators:
Copor ate intelligens agency=Coce import agency!

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