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Iranian diplomat dies after being shot in Yemen capital

Published time: January 18, 2014 13:20
Edited time: January 18, 2014 15:24
Iranian embassy in Sanaa (AFP Photo)

Iranian embassy in Sanaa (AFP Photo)

An Iranian diplomat has died of injuries after gunmen fired shots at a car belonging to the Iranian embassy near the ambassador's residence in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, the Iranian Foreign Ministry has confirmed to Fars news agency.

"Unidentified assailants in a van fired on the diplomat three times as he was leaving the ambassador's residence near a shopping center in Hadda," a police source told AFP news agency. Hadda is the main diplomatic district of the Yemeni capital.

"The Iranian diplomat has died of his wounds," the medic at Sanaa's German Modern Hospital said. The source added that the diplomat, identified as Ali Asghar Assadi, had been “hit in the shoulder, abdomen and stomach.” The man was taken to the operating theater, then transferred to intensive care where he died an hour and half later.

According to Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham, the diplomat was injured as he resisted the attackers who attempted to kidnap him, Reuters reported earlier.

We are seriously following up the dimensions of this terrorist action with the relevant Yemeni government officials,” Afkham said.

The diplomat was traveling in a car belonging to the Iranian embassy, but the republic’s ambassador was not in the car during the assault, security sources said.

The diplomat was in charge of administrative affairs in the embassy, according to AP.

The attackers fled the scene and there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the assault.

Relations between the two countries have been tense over what Yemen calls Iranian interference in its domestic affairs.

Another Iranian diplomat, Nour Ahmad Nikbakht, was abducted by gunmen in Sanaa in July and remains in captivity. According to tribal sources, his kidnappers are members of Al-Qaeda.

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Radion Sedaye Shahr 19.01.2014 08:30

Saudi Arabian and Zionist regime's Terrorists are bajom assassination of Iranian diplomat. Libanan the attack in November was a product of them.The does not take long that we will see how Saudi and Zionist Terrorists acts in Eu, thanks were outside world's failure to act against them.


David Nakhon 19.01.2014 05:18

The Monk, I love the fact that all these Jew Haters always love to blames Jews, Israelis, and Zionists for everything they dislike . . . We Jews laugh at such Ignorant Blind Hatred . . . we're used to this nonsense . . . in the end, all this ignorance just keeps these bigots back in life, while the rest of us prosper, and move on! :)


The Monk 18.01.2014 18:42

It is sometimes sad to read some ignorant comments. Some people are so blinded with hatred or racism that they frame their comments on their feelings instead of facts. It is well known that the Sunnis in Yemen hate the Iranian Shiites. There is nothing to be gained by other interests to do this deed. The Sunnis did it and that's a fact.

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