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Iran hires more long-range assault UAVs, set to teach ‘drone hunting’ in schools

20.08.2013 12:41

Iran’s aircraft sector claims giant advancements in designing and manufacturing drones, including those with assault capabilities. It comes as Iran’s aerospace industry eyes raising security levels early on – by bringing alien drone hunting into schools.

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Masum Pathan 22.08.2013 04:50

go ahead iran.u have a lots of responsibility our muslim nation & islam community.


trx 21.08.2013 08:47

The Anglo Americans hate Iran for the same reason they hate Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Russia, China, etc.

It's not because of democracy or freedom, as the Anglo American nations have NO moral legitimacy on these issues.

The real reason is that the Anglo Americans hate any nation (or religion) that represents an obstacle to American world domination, or what the Pentagon openly calls American Full Spectrum Dominance.

Any opposition to the American Evil Empire is criminal, terrorism, or a 'threat'--from their perverse worldview.

That is why the Anglo-American Axis is the true Axis of Evil. ;-)


lordlebu 21.08.2013 08:15

Why is the west so jelous of Iran. First they destroyed their democratically elected govt in the 50s. Now want to destroy their currently government establishment.


William Sze 21.08.2013 08:01

Why Israel & it's rabid war-dog for a president, Binyamin Netanyahu, don't want a direct confrontation with Iran. Instead they try to convince their always servient American friends, to go to war with Iran for them. Persia has a formidible army, air force & navy. Read Jane's Defense Weekly, they are not second rate to anyone. Israel would never win a non-nuclear confrontation with Iran due to Iran's modernized & often indigenous weapons systems. The US & EU should take the opportunity of new Iranian leadership & enter into meaningful negotiations about a slew of things, including Iran's peaceful nuclear program.


trx 21.08.2013 05:27

The American Evil Empire and its crime partners are so used to bullying and threatening the world. It's long over due that the Anglo Americans get their asses kicked out of the Middle East and indeed off the planet. Anglo-Americans: your Day of Judgment is coming. ;-)


Rod 20.08.2013 22:40

Drones and anti-drones, it's the next big thing. Everybody will have them so don't get left behind.


Stig 20.08.2013 19:56

Perhaps instead women's rights and the fact that Iranians follow a non-Iranian destructive religion should soon become a special course of study in Iranian schools.

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