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Netanyahu: ‘Bad deal’ with Iran will only lead to war

13.11.2013 19:12

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that lifting sanctions on Iran without demanding sufficient concessions in return will only encourage Tehran on its path to nuclear armament and lead to future conflict.

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Rafasa Arandas 15.01.2014 09:12

Kader Benkada 18.11.2013 09:24

Muslim should unite and atak jewish by burning them a life and start with theirs children ferst .cos jewish children are the next must evil generation jewish r the cause of al the world problem they r evil


OMG, these evil genocidal THREATS have got to stop, even the Israeli government is extreme, you can't say things like that, seriously.


Paxton Fettel 24.11.2013 19:51

Kader Nekada STFU you muppet. Get an education then we'll talk. Secondly this is 2013 it's time for the world to grow up. Practically every country in the world doesn't see Iran as a threat. Netenyahu the truck driver can gnash his teeth and talk about war all he wants; doesn't change anything. If Israel is really concerned about security they'd start obeying the law.


sandra 21.11.2013 17:15

And I hope that Netayahoo gets wiped off the map.


Gabriel Acobian 18.11.2013 02:06

Why is Mr. Netanyahu so scared of war...?


Mark 17.11.2013 20:54

The US either destablaises a country not wanting the Dollar or invades it. Take te dollar or die is pretty much how it is.


Mark 17.11.2013 20:51

Netanyahu is a sociopath and a murderer and a war monger. Israel are in collusion with France to break these talks, Israel wants war. Israel have nukes. It's plain and simple, if Iran have nukes they cannot be invaded. The US will not invade any country with Nukes. No matter what happens the only way Iran can avoid war is 1 get Nukes or 2 take on the US dollar in oil trading and allow US banks to gut the country, only then will they be safe. Saddam wanted ot trade Euro\Oil Gaddafi the Dinar\Oil, both of them are dead.


Mark 17.11.2013 20:44

Ben 15.11.2013 07:18

Actually, the biggest crime Israel commits is filling the heads of little jewish kids with stories that they are
" the superior master race" and "chosen" and that the rest of us are their slaves. Our wives, mums and sisters are "Shiksas" or slappers. Their little heads are filled with persecution paranoia and horrific anti- semitic tales.


the sheer racism in Israel is shocking, African immigrants are hounded in the streets. Remember the quote of Begin's famous speech too and that was to the Israeli parliment about them being the master race. begin or Hitler?


Mark 17.11.2013 20:41

SasiskaFest 15.11.2013 16:21

Have you noticed that anything to do with Israel, not a single positive comment about the country and its people, only antisemitic scums and useless irrelevant rants about 'war crimes this' and 'Jews are that' and through a few Zionist remarks as well. Yet, nothing you can do about it but just yap, no one cares... move along ...


I'm sorry but if the entire world thinks a certain way about a particular country you have to wonder why? Is the whole world antisemitic? I don't think so, Israel's actions have brought condemnation, even from Jews ouside of Israel


regolo gellini 17.11.2013 16:21

Just to remember to everybody that apartheid in South Africa was beaten by boycott and blockades in the high seas by a coalition of the willing,so today must we demand this of our governments in order to reduce Israel to reason?


regolo gellini 17.11.2013 16:16

What Israel does not understand is that the whole world has been extremely sympathetic because of the Shoa during the last 50 yrs and more,but that capital of sympathy has been dilapidated by its fascist governement over the last ten years and will not come back.Israel is doing what Cesar did more than 2000 yrs ago : divide and rule ! The gullible and ignorant petro monarchies of the gulf,do not realise that their treason will be paid with interest rather soon and Israel will not defend them from the revenge of their brothers.Long live IRAN and its great and civilized people !


Jean-Claude Meslin 17.11.2013 10:23

Two countries can survive only by making problems all over the World (Israel and America). Unless, someone has the guts to speak the whole truth in front of the total assembly at the U-N, nothing will change and we will reach the point of no return. Boycotting those devil' states remain the last peaceful solution. We must not ignore than just a tiny minority of those two states is devil. Soon, their population will make the necessary changes...


Bob 15.11.2013 23:38

Israel has been and wants to stay in the only privileged military position of the sole nuclear armed country in the M.E. so they can black mail everyone not to occupy it and respect the land that it occupies of the Palestinians, Other wise it is an existential threat to us and we will use our nuclear. What Israel does not understand is that the world is fed up with it and no one will listen anymore, if they want a nuclear fight, so they will have one for sure, and let us see whose the better for it.


Scoop Andrwe 15.11.2013 17:17

We are not fighting a short war, we are fighting a long war, we are fighting a generational war. See once the boomers die out the holocost excuse is going to have and less impact, no one cares about that anymore


Scoop Andrwe 15.11.2013 17:13

If it didnt matter then why are you hasbra trolls always out, see once we get critical mass no one will support israel. We shut down AIPAC, then the ADL and every other pro jewish group, then we will see how well israel stands on its own two feet, but we are not done there, we will sanctions and boycott of israel. This war will be fought bit by bit day by day until israel is no more.

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