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Iran's Rouhani wants nuclear deal ‘in 3 to 6 months’

25.09.2013 22:16

Reaching a nuclear deal with P5+1 should be a matter of “months, not years” the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said in an interview with the Washington Post, indicating that he is ready to come to terms within a three-month timetable.

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Jonathan Glassel 26.09.2013 14:42

only real concern about Iran and nuclear power is the ability of rogue nations to cause a nuclear holocaust like Fukishima.

Fulford, Jim Stone and others report Fukishima was done by Israel.

Aft er believing the official theory of 911 for 12 years, can anything be discounted?

I read where Bibi and Israel have Obama's back, Oblunder is probably expecting a knife therein, from behind.


groingo 26.09.2013 14:07

The West is Paranoid to the point of extremism, they are why there needs to be real verifiable nuclear disarmament.


blargedy 26.09.2013 14:03

Any time a politician speaks , it is usually a lie. This goes for Irans gaffe as well as Obamas.


Kevin mcHugh 26.09.2013 14:01

Israel must be forced to join the Non-Proliferation Pact. However, this "country" always ignores UN directives with impunity, steals Palestinian homes and land at leisure, practices, within its own "borders", apartheid not seen since the days of the Third Reich, and is the puppet master of American government and taxpayers. They will never want peace until they get the lot!!


Thoughts 26.09.2013 11:59

Maybe we need a Nuclear Test Strike Force. Any country that tests a nuclear weapon will immediately loose any structure associated with governing.


Thoughts 26.09.2013 11:46

Heck with it. The US should stop trying to be the world's daddy so everyone else can rebell like crazy teenagers.

Maybe the US should just start acting like everyone else and let the world learn from it's mistakes, if it survives.


Thoughts 26.09.2013 11:43

Let's all call Washington non-stop. Nuclear weapons for Everyone!!!!! In fact if you try to cross an international border without a nuclear weapon, you should be arrested.


Thoughts 26.09.2013 11:41

You know what would be even better, nuclear armed criminals. I don't mean just jihadists, but your everyday street thugs.

I think when a person reaches the age of 16, they should get their own nuclear missle.


Thoughts 26.09.2013 11:39

Let's give every country nuclear weapons, especially in the Middle East which is known for it's culture of love and Christian humility.

Maybe the US and Russia can team up by sending some of their stockpiles to every country from Finland to South Africa. If a country has a history of rhetoric that suggests they might look favorably on genocide and a nuclear apocalypse, let's send a rush order.

If the goal is to be able to wake up some morning and realize it's the last humans will ever live, by all means weaponize the world with nuclear weapons.


Против Глобал 26.09.2013 11:28

Every country has a right on nuclear technology, civilian and military.


Bruce Lee 26.09.2013 10:11

Only "country" that is complaining is the cry baby Israel who like infants walked out if the General Assembly, followed up by their usual war mongering out of the mouths of their douche bag government "statesman" ; Mark Regev. The world is not interested in what Israel thinks.


Squandered Liberty 26.09.2013 08:39

If Putin plays his cards right and sneaks in with some more of his new found diplomacy and refereeing, I can imagine the deteriorating UN flag being dwarfed by the Russians'.

This will thoroughly p**s off the Empire/Israhell and force them to take a step back or do the nuclear dance with Russia.


Anton Grambihler 26.09.2013 08:17

The News needs to cover the cover-up of the CIA overthrow of the Iranian Government in 1953 (60 years ago). Most reports state that the problems begin in 1979 (33 years ago), which is not true. Why isn't this and other ILLEGAL CIA activity in the USA History books?
If the Iranian Gorverment tried to overthrow the USA Government 60 years ago would it be swept under the carpet?


kc 26.09.2013 08:17

Rouhani should only work with Russia and China.
Forget about the fascist minority US. Not to be trusted.


Z Aquarius 26.09.2013 00:47

Nuclear talks will be with Russia and China. The US has another month left in it. The only talks the US will be having for the next 50 years is bail out requests and squeals.


David 25.09.2013 22:48

Perhaps the Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei should schedule talks directly with Exxon Oil itself and bypass all the political rhetoric.


Heatprint 25.09.2013 22:37

now the MKO will rise

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