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Iran’s nuclear warheads could hit NY in 3 to 4 years – Netanyahu to UN

01.10.2013 16:20

Iran is building missiles that could reach New York in three to four years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the UN on Tuesday, comparing a nuclear Iran to “50 North Koreas.” It comes after Hassan Rouhani launched his “charm offensive.”

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Cygnus 02.10.2013 15:21

Netanyahu is sick and deluded. His fearmongering tactics and smokescreen are becoming more and more obvious by the day to an awakening world. Disgusting to see such people in high places.


Douglas Thomas 02.10.2013 15:00

Prime Minister Netanyahu is a war criminal and lacks any serious credibility. There is nothing he can say that has any truth or value. If the United States was a just country Netanyahu would have been immediately arrested when he arrived in New York. But we know that the US has never known justice and the Prime Minister of Israel is nothing but a spokes person carrying out an American agenda.

Dou glas Thomas, Ph.D. Author of The Obama Factor: How Barack Obama Elevated Human Consciousness


Anthony 02.10.2013 14:40

And Israel's nukes can hit NYC now. What's his point?


Panzermeyer 02.10.2013 14:33

Does anyone still take these Zionists seriously? Anyone beyond AIPAC and their own brainwashed people anyway?

The United States as a nation look increasingly like the big dumb bully that's being taken advantage of by his devious, weasely Israeli accomplice. Add the despots from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates and you have a nice little collection of the s.c.u.m. of the earth.

Peop le worldwide have to realize that the boundary lines don't run between nations but between the global 1% and the rest of us.


whiteyward 02.10.2013 14:31

This man is crazy, his fear of islam has destroyed his mind, his murder of palistinian children for land will load his Karma for ever...he is doomed, sick with zionist hate.


reality14 02.10.2013 14:16

Overall Zionism is idea of aggretion, idea of voilent, idea of crimes, idea of inhumanity and opposed to law and peaceful coexistence.
why ? because how can you create new universal country base on religion faith, or race or others?
who you should displace and their houses demolish?
what happened if they resist? if you give to all these question aswers finally zionism is crimes, voilences, killing, genecide, ........and eventually fascism


Jonathan Glassel 02.10.2013 14:15

Nuclear power is dangerous, especially when it can be attacked by rogue states like Israel and demented morons like Netanyahoo have their finger on the trigger.

We know that free energy exists. If we had any humanitarians in any gov't, we would stop spending money on nuclear and weapons of war.

Free energy is a weapon of peace. Even the poorest countries could prosper with free energy and we (USA) would not need to fight "Opium Wars" for oil.

Some may not know, the US and Britain went to war with China in 1850 to insure we could profit from the misery of the Chinese through drug addiction.


Adam Ant 02.10.2013 14:13

If the rest of the world used common sense and common law, they would condemn Netanyahu, Obama and the Saudi Regime for being direct threats to world peace and for being war mongers...


Raul Bustamante 02.10.2013 14:05

Once again, the murderers Zionists Pigs are willing to have someone else's blood spill for their sake. Israel has nuclear warhead capable of reaching every single arab country. WTF is this mentally handicaped guy trying to tell the world?


Adam Ant 02.10.2013 14:03

Listen to what this crazy man says, he is telling us their future false flag event plan to start their war with Iran.
Nothing happens by chance, everything is planned and staged for their benefit. Stay safe NYers, they will kill innocent people just like in 9/11 to get their war...

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