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Echoing Obama: Iran says ‘all options on the table’ if nuclear program is attacked

16.03.2013 18:17

A top Iranian military commander told US President Barack Obama that Tehran has all of its “options on the table” when it comes to defending its nuclear program. The statement echoes Obama’s warning to the Islamic Republic last Thursday.

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Anonymous user 17.03.2013 09:06

07:29: <al-Qaeda who we are at war with.>

U .S. created AlQ in 1980s, supports AlQ in Kosovo, Syria

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 09:03

Not only assasinator-in-chief of people but also of characters, Obama is a criminal.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 09:02

Victor what obama think if he can't make peace in drc congo I hate him iran is the best I love iran

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 09:01

Zionism is not a religion, with no false Gods and ideologies; rather a positive direction for life.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 08:25

I think someone should teach lesson to US for better changes, for the better World.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 08:19

Ben Sanderson, I don't believe everything I hear; especially if you are saying it.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 08:07

Across Alex - My Google account has been disabled – I used it only to comment RT…

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 08:06

Across- Apartheid Israel has illegal nuclear weapons, it’s the main ally of US and EU.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 07:57

If USA/EU cannot Fix their own Economic Problems how can they govern the whole world without money.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 07:57

All lies that's all. An excuse for USA to demonize Iran.

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