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'Cooperation in Iran's interest to clarify peaceful nuclear intent' - IAEA chief

21.05.2013 02:59

After last week’s failure for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran to agree a deal on Tehran's nuclear program, the UN watchdog told RT that it must gain access to Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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Anonymous user 22.05.2013 09:56

IAEA watchdog? Or lapdog? So drop NPT and ei ei o.

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 04:40

Long ago it should have got acess to the facilities in ISRAHELL

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 01:01

Why should IAEA take into consideration what others have to say, instead of their observations.

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 00:51

Too late; Will Ahmadinejad's head be in the public square of Ryadh, Russia tried to help Iran people

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 17:39

Amano is a lackey of the U.S. and, to put benevolently, doesn't know what he is talking about.

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 17:36

Be like the(north koreans)DEFIANT!!!!

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 17:32

R u IRANIANS (afraid) of man,or(ALLAH)!

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 17:04

R u IRANIANS going to (continue) to let ISRAEL treat u like(SLAVES)

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 17:00

R u IRANIANS going to coutiue to let(israel) govern u and ur children,children

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 16:57

If u IRANIANS truly believe in(ALLAH) u will not allow israel to dictate to u!!

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 15:27

So, Mr Amano has Iran's best interests at heart! I'm truely overwhelmed. Who is the enemy then?

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 14:28

this japanese man is a slave to anglos just like korean un chief-destry un. this un agency is spy.

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