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US against new sanctions as Iran prepares to protect ‘inalienable’ nuclear right at P5+1 talks

26.10.2013 00:34

The leading US negotiator in nuclear diplomacy with Iran has asked US politicians to pause any new sanctions against Tehran. Meanwhile Iranian lawmakers seem adamant to protect the “inalienable right” for nuclear research during the next P5+1 talks.

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Sal Siljkovic 06.11.2013 11:39

Let's start by addressing the issue of this 5+ one, from the newspapers promotion of this fictitious plus one! Does anybody remember why the five permanent members were informed , they where formed because of "Germany" Nazi Germany;who represents the plus one. Germans have no VOTE in these talks so why are they even there you might as well have the Girl Scouts there. This 5+1 is just some joke of an idea by the news papers to show more strength behind these bull caca talks. Let's tell the -1 to go for a long walk of a short pier, then we can resume some form of real dialogue.


Subhan Khan 31.10.2013 22:09

. if a hostile nation like US can have nukes then all the nations around the world have right to have it and infact they should have it.......then it would be fair ....or no should have anything like WMD......i mean whats the idea behinde having WMD and in so much quantity far more than enough to burn and vapourize the whole planet........injust ice allaround every where and its by our own choice by having corrupt govrnments almost in each country of the world which are just playing in the hands of rich corporations and generating oppertunities for them to benefit from anything no matter how inhumane it may be.


AzoSF 27.10.2013 20:55

@ Rob Fleck: I'm not so sure you know the definition of genocide. It is not about the time frame, but it is about the quantity. Palestinians have been exterminated slwoly since 1946. They have been killed little by little; this way it doesn't bring attention. What is the difference between killing a million people over 50 years vs killing them in one day? Hint: there is no difference and that is genocide.


Jim McMexico 27.10.2013 13:57

Mark Roman 27.10.2013 12:41

The answer is simple, they are working towards nuclear weapons with the help of Russia.


Kennedy tried to have an official U.N. Inspection conducted on Dimona. When Dimona allows unfettered total inspection then we can ask the same of every other country so every country can see behind each other's curtains (that means U.S. transparency as well). Otherwise, sovereign nations will tell the U.S. and Israel to pound sand.


Jim McMexico 27.10.2013 13:49

Iran is entitled to have any weapon any other country has because Iran is a sovereign nation.


leon Angelopoulos 27.10.2013 13:15

Has anyone heard of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe? He is an Iranian Nuclear Scientist who has over the last 30 years developed the Plasma Generator and has proven his theories with Anti-Gravity technology. Iran has no intentions of Nuclear War and does not want to destroy the planet as a result. They just want their Nuclear and Atomic Science, which is the most natural science form of science because it is everywhere in the universe.


uri 27.10.2013 11:01

Iran is the master power in middle east and Persian Gulf region. Ir is in interest of USA to be friend with Iranian rather than hostility.


Red_Shiraz 27.10.2013 10:51

WMD of any sort is against Persian way of life and principles.During Iran/Iraq war,Iranians refused to be supplied with atomic and chemical bombs by at least few countries(Buy now,pay later).Iran has never had atomic nor chemical bombs ever,yet "P5+1 and Ayatollahs under table collaboration"s till goes on.During Ahmadinejad,all corruptions came to a halt when they closed British embassy.Now he's gone&there are 223/289 begot Iranian MPs(Velayateh Faghih or pro English Islamists)eager to invest money and buy properties in UK.So,is endorsing holocaust ordered by Khamenei,mean that UK embassy will soon be opened in Iran?


Shaun 27.10.2013 02:14

Rob Fleck 27.10.2013 01:47

Shaun learn what genocide is before you preach.


I know what genocide means, and having done a lot of research on this area for the last 2 decades. I stand by my statement. Imprisonment of children, attacking aid boats at sea (if things are so rosy, why was an international effort made to bring food supplies in?), Economic strangulation and theft of arable land. Destroying relatives of suspects home making innocent families homeless. What does it sound like to you? I saw a guy blown up by a tank while riding a bicycle home, unarmed. Doesn't sound good to me.


BernardV 27.10.2013 00:17

@ Rob Fleck.

Isra eli Proxies? That would be the US then who have done their best to bring Iran to it's knees. The same US who vetoes any sanctions against Israel in the UN.

I'm curious with regard to Hezbollah flying all around the world blowing up israelis world wide. I think somebody would have noticed such a campaign of destruction.

And finally, no, I don't support yet more nuclear weapons in the ME. I reckon the ones Israel possesses are more than enough. Let me ask you, when will Israel let the IAEA into their Country to inspect their facilities in the way that Iran already does?


Shaun 26.10.2013 23:41

Iran has signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty, Iran is not invading palestine and genociding a people. Rob Fleck, Actions not words speak. No politician the world over seems to tell the truth anymore and the Iranians are no different. Look at the US, they still claim their people are free and its' a democratic society. That is not what the evidence shows. Iran said some things for local consumption but its' in other countries the spotlight should be looking. Look at their actions, not their comments.

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