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‘Talks not threats’: Iran to watch US actions rather than words on nuclear negotiations

06.08.2013 19:08

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that while he is determined to resolve the spat with the West over the country’s disputed nuclear program, he will judge the US on its actions – not its words - as it introduces a new set of sanctions.

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Mary 08.08.2013 07:19

He is a very astute politician, something very lacking in US government. The word "politics" and "Politician&quo t; does not exist any more in US discourse. And this has been very costly for the US government. They wager tanks, drones, fleet, etc.. INSTEAD OF OPENING THEIR MOUTHS! They are willing to completely bankrupt and destroy this country but not talk fairly and constructively! And Rohani knows this too. And he is using this route to show to the world what thugs manage the US government, and to isolate and discredit this mannerism of US(Israel) and gain support and sympathy for Iran worldwide!


mrsavage389 07.08.2013 16:40

The only outcome America wants to see is Iran living in a dark age. The only option Iran has is to seek aid from Russia and China and go ahead with the program no matter what America and Isreal say.


Mumtaz Rizvi 07.08.2013 11:08

if israel has right to defend it self then Iran reserve it's right to defend him self from US&ISRAELI adventure-ism. Go ahead iran its time to test the nuclear weapons


Julio Esteban Perez Escudero 07.08.2013 08:21

U.S Government doen't represent the people from America rather they are against their citizens and again any freedom and self determination by the nations of the world.


fran7 07.08.2013 05:56

The middle east is a powder keg made worse by USA support of Israel who are bristling with nuclear weapons of mass destruction and their continuing support of cannibal rebels in Syria. Iran has every right to a nuclear program and the USA sanctions on it are hugely hypocritical and causing innocent people to die through lack of medicines etc. USA should concentrate on solving its own internal problems like Detroit which recently became Bankrupt because of lack of financial aid which USA government spends abroad on military aid for Israel and cannibal rebels.


jeff strehlow 06.08.2013 23:56

Here is an idea. Treat all the countries in the Middle East equally and make the whole Middle East a nuclear free zone. No country in the Middle East can have nuclear weapons or nuclear energy. Of course then Israel would have to get ride of their nuclear weapons.


jeff strehlow 06.08.2013 23:43

President Hassan Rouhani is being very gentle with his words and not blaming the US for the failure in negotiations. Maybe he will get along better with the US government than his predecessor. But I can't see them coming to an agreement that is fair to both sides. I doubt Washington will budge from their hardline position.

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