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Moderate cleric Rouhani elected president of Iran – Interior Minister

15.06.2013 01:28

Moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani has won Iran's presidential election with just over 50 percent of votes, state TV reported. 72 percent of the 50 million Iranians turned out to vote, said Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar.

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Michail Azarniyouch 03.07.2013 10:25

People got now some hope for better life,"Of the six, Rouhani was considered to be the only true progressive, wanting to free political prisoners and rekindle relations with the West."

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 20:42

Rohani given unfair advantage by Western sanctions. Iranians under duress=vote not so free & fair.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 15:47

Iranians are not ...wahhabi terrorists of al-qaeda trained by the US and used by the US for decades.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 11:38

Clero-fascist! Oh russians, once u were fighting against, now u are fighting for this fascists!

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 07:04

Hey Mr New president greetings from South Africa

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 06:39

And what is RUSSIA'S response.....RUSSIA TODAY?!?

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 06:31

Iran's inflation rate is 30%, meaning $65 Billion reserves could disappear within 3 yrs.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 06:30

Israel & Iran biggest winners in Syria. Iran likes their friend to fight their war; back stabbing.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 06:29

Iran's 2013 GDP will be 2/3 of of its 2012 GDP.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 06:27

People do not have freedom in Iran; rank is #162 in democracy index. Mullahs select who can run.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 06:26

Iran's local currency is 1/2 its value a year ago.

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