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Tehran, Moscow agree to build new nuclear power plant - Iran’s nuclear chief

23.09.2013 16:07

Tehran and Moscow will cooperate on the future construction of a new nuclear power plant, according to Iranian nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi. The news comes as Russia hands over operational control of the first unit of the Bushehr nuclear plant to Iran.

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Shon Williams 09.10.2013 22:24

Iran will be the best trading partner in the Middle East for America. Iran just needs to muzzle the military leaders from making hostile statements towards Israel and other countries. The U.S. generals know that if they open their mouths, then the president can fire them. Iran would be scary without the religious leadership in charge. At least they dont believe in WMD's even though they act like Amish people lol. I can deal with modesty but not military dictators like Saddam, Assad and Egypts leaders.


Karl Heinz 02.10.2013 02:28

Forget about Israeli attacks because they will never happen. Israel only attacks defenseless targets, like the homes of Palestinians or periodic air strikes on Lebanon. Ergo, Israel does not have the courage to attack a powerful Iran, but they will push the foolish Americans to do it for them.


MonsantoGoingDown 27.09.2013 20:58

Maybe they figure a tsunami can't get their plant... true, but an earthquake can!


jeff strehlow 24.09.2013 13:02

@Ben Holland - though it was a long time ago, Iranians made a very important contribution to science. They invented Algebra.


jeff strehlow 24.09.2013 12:45

JailBanksters 24.09.2013 05:01

At least they are building them not in the center of population areas, or on active Fault Lines unlike all UK, USA, Japan plants.


If Iran only builds them far away from fault lines they deserve credit for that. If you ask me, all reactors built on fault lines should be decommissioned; the risk is too great.


Lahcen Oizaz 24.09.2013 12:44

W.J. van der Meer 23.09.2013 21:08

It was not the earthquake that caused the meltdown, but the tsunami that destroyed the generators.


Wh at happened in Fukushima is yet not clear. Maybe the reports of Jim Stone can give some light. If his theory is accurate Fukushima is a crime scene. A crime scene with still enough evidence to make a solid case.


Tom Hansen 24.09.2013 12:34

Ben Holland 24.09.2013 10:17

The problem is not that countries don't need nuclear power... the problem is why should places that don't contribute to scientific thinking (i.e - no nobel prizes, new peer review etc.) should be given these things?


So you want the people of Iran to starve to death? how else are they gonna survive the sanctions that is made by the US? can you please explain that to me??


slava 24.09.2013 11:35

what! this country and the world deos not need to make more new nuclear power plant! if such an idea is not right for our country or there country.


rogirl 24.09.2013 10:39

Iran aka Persia, is one of the worlds oldest civilizations, and has made an enormous contribution to world knowledge from mathematics, language, textiles, science cusine, medicine etc, and now it's payback time. Russia appreciates this point along with many other countries in supporting iran's nuclear power needs,.


'Adeyeye 'Arèmò' Bola 24.09.2013 09:53

The fear of other countries making a permanent membership role with UNSC especially from the middle east is the beginning of wisdom for the US. Nuclear power ability whether for peaceful purpose or non-peacefully motivated by Iran will boost their ability to soar up in the echelon of UNSC. This will give them veto capacity and at that, they would be playing a big factor within their political hemisphere(middle east, Arab league, Asia etc)...


kc 24.09.2013 09:21

Why is it that fascist US dont allow Iran to have nuclear plant but they themself have it ???
Now Iran is building it with russia .
The message is the world do not bow to the fascist war monger US .


Katie Jaydee 24.09.2013 05:52

Oh boy, I sure am going to enjoy watching United States freak out over this.


JailBanksters 24.09.2013 05:01

At least they are building them not in the center of population areas, or on active Fault Lines unlike all UK, USA, Japan plants.


Little Johnny 23.09.2013 23:05

Mike we should ban cars because people die. The little known fact is that the poisons emitted by coal are infinite. At least nuclear waste has a half life and a short one. People live in Nagasaki and there is no radiation. Add up all the people who have died or got ill from nuclear versus coal. It's not even drop in the ocean. The only reason people pick on nuclear is the effects are obvious whereas as coal is a bit more insiduous which makes it a lot worse and a lot more dangerous. You do know the anti nuclear lobbies are funded by the coal industry. Like most things you read in the media. It's all BS!!


Little Johnny 23.09.2013 22:53

Peak oil a myth? really? Saudi Arabia is building 16 nuclear reactors! They fracking for Gas in the UK and US thinks we can just melt down tar sands and get oil. But apparently we have plenty of oil? Yeah right. Still uranium based nuclear is pretty myopic. Uranium has very immediate finite horizon, especially when everyone starts switching. (same problem with Gas) I was hoping they had made more progress with thorium.


W.J. van der Meer 23.09.2013 21:08

It was not the earthquake that caused the meltdown, but the tsunami that destroyed the generators.


Icansee4miles 23.09.2013 20:44

Iran just took control of the Al Bushehr Nuclear Plant, after 37 years of construction. It plays a pivotal role in Amazon Kindle's new thriller, The Bahrain Protocol. The book predicts the U.S. withdrawal from the world stage, Iran's ascendancy, and Israel’s gamble to stop their nuclear program-with the assistance of former nemesis Saudi Arabia. It's a great read-and Al Bushehr's capacity for destroying the Arabian Gulf is front and center!


Mike Martin 23.09.2013 20:38

While I agree that Iran legally has the right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purpouses and that the contract seems sound,I also feel that world wide we need to get rid of this dangerous source of energy.Never mind that proliferations aspect-Iran is prone to earthquakes.We can see from what happened in Japan what is possible should things go terribly wrong.Surely there are other methods besides nuclear for energy supply demands that can be developed ?


sandra 23.09.2013 20:21

That is business. Do honest business where both of you will make money. Nothing wrong with this. Give it a chance. Don't invade and kill and take. Don't lie, cheat and steal. Just prosper and help each other to better each other.

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