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Iran starts cloning of American spy drone

22.04.2012 10:15

Iran has completed reverse-engineering of the captured US spy drone and has started building its own copy, Iranian media reports.

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Radha Santadharma 17.01.2014 02:43

In the future, war will be done using AI avatars in robot bodies. Unfortunately those avatars will have human-like emotions.

H owever, this will take about 150 years to accomplish when a global famine caused by Monsanto circa 2116 wipes out 90% of the world's population, leaving behind the 10% of which the 1% is now a leaner, meaner 97 million from the developed nations. Of the 870 million are government civilians, soldiers, and civilians, but only of the developed nations.

By 2160, the first Cylon shall appear. >:)

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