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Iran to deploy '4,000-strong force’ to Syria as US military set to stay in Jordan

16.06.2013 16:38

Iran will deploy 4,000 Revolutionary Guards to Syria to bolster Damascus against a mostly Sunni-led insurgency, media reported. Meanwhile, US F-16s and Patriots will stay in Jordan – speculatively, to help establish a no-fly zone to aid Syrian rebels.

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Pete Clemow 27.08.2013 13:49

No money left in the coffers, but Billions avaliable for War.

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 17:26

Say good-bye to Tel Aviv, Saudi Arabia and all pro NWO! WW3 on the horizon! its about time :)

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 17:19

Its about time Iran has stepped up to the plate! Now the time is nearing for all out war! R U ready?

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 00:52

Why would Iran send 4.000 troops to Syria when they themselves are sanctioned at the moment?

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 23:56

4000 is only the tip of the iceberg!!!


Josh Melo 29.06.2013 03:56

because they can its all about controlling the middle east and letting isreal grow. "CLEAN BREAK PLAN WIKI"

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 00:49

Christian bishop gets his head cut off by these vile so called rebels.Why western govts suport them?

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 00:47

Thankgod at least Iran is trying to protect the christians and real Muslims of Syria from lunatics

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 00:44

So Iran is the one protecting 'real' Muslims and Christians in Syria . Shame on isr aelis/Saudis

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 21:34

Iran has denied reports of sending Iranian troops to Syria.

Anonymous user 25.06.2013 00:21

why are they fighting just try talk with out gun

Anonymous user 24.06.2013 13:05

I wonder how many people were flogged for laughing at his name

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