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Iran unveils ‘Epic’ new drone

10.05.2013 00:06

Much has been said already of the vast US military drone program, but Iran has just unveiled the latest of its own autonomous aircraft in a bid to highlight recent advances in the drive to build its own drone fleet.

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M.S. 09.06.2014 10:38

...."shooting in the Persian Gulf on behalf of lower gas prices". Mr Record [is] a former staff member of the Senate armed services committee (and an apparent favourite of the Council on Foreign Relations). [He] advocated the acceptability of presidential subterfuge in the promotion of a conflict. Mr Record explicitly urged painting over the US's actual reasons for warfare with a nobly high-minded veneer, seeing such as a necessity for mobilising public support for a conflict.


M.S. 09.06.2014 10:34

..... Military strategists were highlighting the energy wealth of the Caspian Sea and Central Asia and its importance to America's "security" . The Indian media and Jane's Intelligence Review reported that the US was fighting covert battles against the Taliban, months before the "war on terrorism" was declared. Over several months beginning in April last year a series of military and governmental policy documents was released that sought to legitimise the use of US military force in the pursuit of oil and gas. A spring 2001 article by Jeffrey Record in the War College's journal, Parameters, argued the legitimacy of..


M.S. 09.06.2014 10:33

.....leading newspapers)

As troops and equipment pour into the Gulf for a looming war with Iraq, United States military thinkers admit that "defence" means protecting ... cheap oil. As far back as 1975, Henry Kissinger, then secretary of state, said America was prepared to wage war over oil. Separate plans advocating US conquest of Saudi oilfields were published in the '70s. So it should come as little surprise that ... four months before the terrorist attacks on Washington and New York - a battle plan for Afghanistan was already being reviewed by the US Command that would carry it out after September 11. ....


M.S. 09.06.2014 10:30

The "Anonymous user" are quite right . God bless you.
It is US, rather zionist bankers who make wars to grab people's wealth & make profit for military industry, which they have done at least since before the so called 1st w.w. actually the European war after which US joined them to have its own share of profit! if you have doubt please read the following:
Defen ce redefined means securing cheap energy
2002-12-2 6, Sydney Morning Herald (One of Australia's leading .....


Mirani 17.11.2013 06:16

Does this thing Fly?

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 08:48

American ppl don't have even 1% of freedom they're Jewish slave the slave are anti Chris

Anonymous user 04.06.2013 20:54

Do you want to creat two million jobs in America? Get rid of Israel and ally withpIran.

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 23:15

Never underestimate the capabilities of the Persians.

Anonymous user 30.05.2013 14:48

It is just senseless propaganda !

Anonymous user 23.05.2013 21:32

God bless the people of Iran for this great effort making for achieving this. Israel is fired.

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 13:57

They named it "Epic"... Epic Fail... Haha.

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