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Iran releases video 'proof' US drone decoded (VIDEO)

07.02.2013 03:19

Iran for the first time showcased supposed evidence it has managed to access some of the data stored on a US ‘Sentinel’ drone it captured back in December 2011. The claims are based on aerial footage aired by an Iranian TV channel.

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John K Smith 28.06.2014 06:15

This article has an anglo-jewish accent to it...Not what I would expect from RT. Mole anyone?
The reason the drone didn't self destruct is because the Iranians over-rode the remote pilot link and landed it with minimal damage. The article here is contradicting itself saying "provided little proof of the breakthrough" and then it later reads "newly released video details the ...air vehicle’s activities, including flying around the Kandahar airfield,"...Ok ayyy.. Anyway, Iran has a mountainous and very rocky, rugged terrain; there is no way a drone would survive a "crash"


Tsar Cube 12.05.2014 14:30

[quote name='Billy Ray' time='13.01.2014 17:43']Ever hear about Mission Impossible? This tape will self destruct......?????[ /quote]

Tha t's just a movie. In reality things are way more complicated then that.


Billy Ray 13.01.2014 17:43

Why does the US not have a self destruct component built into the aircraft if is becomes unrecoverable. Thats a lot of info the enemy may be able to copy/use/or garner defensive intel from. Ever hear about Mission Impossible? This tape will self destruct......?????

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