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'Ball of fire in Middle East': Tehran, Damascus warn US against Syria strike

25.08.2013 10:59

Iran has warned the US not to cross “the red line” on Syria threatening it would have “severe consequences” for the White House. This follows a statement from Syrian officials who said a strike would create “very serious fallout” for the whole region.

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Robert Nita 03.09.2013 21:30

Stop this nonsense !


Rafasa Arandas 03.09.2013 14:47

The Russians still support Assad? Sad


Peter Davidson 31.08.2013 15:28

everyone seems to forget about the 2 kilo of sarin the Turkish siezed from a house on the border that belonged to the FSA, or the uploads of A Nusra showing their chemical weapons plant in Syria, or the fact that they went on record saying they would use chemical weapons against the regime and were caught doing so???


Kotorová Zuzana 29.08.2013 10:43

Many comments about weapons, missiles BUT there are thousands of people, innocent people, women, kids, who have already suffered a lot, and would the most,
of course not to say about other consequences.
I fully agree with Billy Bennet Castel that
"unity of the (people) of all nations will be enough to bring this insanity to an end".


Murray Bernie 28.08.2013 02:31

Would be terrible if those chemical weapons were hit by a cruise missiles and thousands off Al Qaeda and Al Nusra terrorists were killed just as they were all dreaming off marching on Damascus.Assad could then thank the USA for kiilling the rebels for him.


jglassel27 27.08.2013 22:58

Seriously, with governments like the UK and USA, what good are they?

Could we be any worse off with Anarchy, here in America? Anarchy is a democracy of one.

The UK, France & US gov'ts are going nuts! In 2003, the French tried desperately to ward off invasion of Iraq.

WTF is going on?


Peter Francis 27.08.2013 06:50

Syria has enough conventional weapons to defeat the motley crew of rebels made up off 'Alqieada' and their Zionist masters. Increasingly the alleged gas appears to be' made in Zion'. After those 3 buildings collapse on its own footprint, few sensible and intelligent folks will believe the western warmongers. They are bankrupt and need a war. This time they will be chewing more than they can eat. It is time for Russia and China to put aside their differences and warn these adventurers to pull their heads in.


Ingvar Persson 27.08.2013 01:16

US has to fabricate "justification of war" (Casus belli) against one after another of the enemies of the Israeli regime.


Autonomous 27.08.2013 00:44

Not to mention the Yakhont anti-ship missle for which the Russians supplied an upgraded version to Syria in May 2013. Anything in the water near Cyprus or east of it could easily become scrap metal at the bottom of the sea. Maybe this is the real reason the US/Israelis/KSA are going after Syria.


Autonomous 26.08.2013 20:52

“We have not yet tested the S-300 in a combat environment,” - Kornukov.

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