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Freedom unveiled: Iranian women strip to slam repression

09.03.2012 15:22

Iranian women living in exile in Europe have stripped off for a video to promote their nude calendar in an effort to fight sexual oppression in their home country.

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Trenz 05.07.2014 18:14

Yes, by all means the miseducation of muslim men has to finish. The way they treat women is shameful! Their rights clearly serve to comfort their egos and patronize primal instincts. They refused to understand women nature, accept it and take the challenge. Cowards! The God wished women to cover their bodies, not speak their minds, not make decisions, and be physically mutilated? WHAT AN UTTER BU L L SH I T!!!! Shame on you! Learn to grow up at last Muslim men!


Isobel 05.07.2014 11:07

I have known Arab women in other countries who don't object to covering up in public because they feel exposed if they don't but dress in modern clothes at home. One woman said when travelling in Europe she couldn't decide whether to wear a veil or not, so some days did and some didn't, and she thought the hotel staff might think her switch between the two appearances made her look insane! But she couldn't decide what made her more comfortable, although that was her choice though.


Isobel 05.07.2014 11:05

I can understand protesting against repression, but not sure a nude calendar is the way forward. That is almost exploiting yourself to prove a point.

Iranian women can expose their faces though can't they, which is different from some countries. That probably sounds a bit complacent coming from a woman with freedom in the West but I was just comparing various cultures.

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 12:38

U talk about oppression. If u were rly smart u wud realize what games r being played

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