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Iraq 2013: Deadliest year since 2008 with 7,000+ killed

08.11.2013 03:34

With over 7,000 civilian casualties so far, 2013 has already become the deadliest year in Iraq since 2008. In its new project, a timeline of the violence, RT brings the sad record into the spotlight.

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Terry Mckinney 10.11.2013 13:12

We should celebrate by replaying GWBush's speech on the aircraft carrier.Or maybe the one about how Iraq was free.Or the one about spreading democracy to the Iraqi people?Tough choices.


michael mazur 10.11.2013 00:05

In 04 there was a report to the effect that used cars from the US were being loaded at FBI direction with scant manifests onto ocean going transport vessels destined for the Middle East.

Norma lly manifests are detailed as to particulars of owners and their agents, but these were not detailed.

C learly these cars had been stolen off the streets of America for transportation to Iraq to workshops at US army bases for conversion into ‘suicide’ bomb cars.


Iqbal Halani 09.11.2013 09:22

The God of the sauds - "hadha amerikin" and its 20,000 Green Zone mercenaries is not being targeted? Says a lot.


Iqbal Halani 09.11.2013 09:16

Somebody please tell the Ayrabs, its much cheaper to keep a million sniffer dogs than buying jet fighters to rust in military hangars.


Commander 08.11.2013 23:15

George 08.11.2013 20:59

Maybe a qualified Muslim person can explain why innocent men, women and children have been massacred?


It's all about the American-Anglo agenda of divide and conquer, regime change, and the securing of Iraqi oil reserves. The United States has proven over and over again that it couldn't care less about the common and everyday people.


Commander 08.11.2013 23:10

The Washington inspired democracy in Iraq is obviously not working very well. What an absolute mess has been created, as the suffering continues for the common and everyday people.

But for the United States, regime change was accomplished and the massive oil reserves in Iraq are now under western control. It was an incredible Washington inspired deal: blood for oil (Iraqi blood that is).


Muhsin Ali 08.11.2013 19:31

Its so sad to see innocent people dying in cold blood. RT is doing good job to expose the crimes of USA (United States of Terrorism).


Dave 08.11.2013 19:30

The US isn't a democracy...


Carlos 08.11.2013 19:14

[quote name='logical-americ an' time='08.11.2013 18:38']3 major factors create the violence in Iraq:

Nice explanation but one that paints Such a rosy picture of US involvement. Iraq wouldn't Be in this mess if Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld hadn't been so greedy to get their grubby little hands on Iraqi oil by inventing a pretext for invading or are you forgetting WMD?


Rachel Strauss 08.11.2013 17:44

Yet here in the US people are freaking out over one person being shot and killed in an airport or three be shot in a shopping mall. Peoples perspectives are so skewed that they usually do not even try to look at these issues on a global level because for the most part we here are not even capable of comprehending this level of death.


WILLY BO 08.11.2013 16:37

sionists have made a good job to ignitite a sectarian war within the iraki population..that's something these evil souls are very goog at.
False flag ops are their favorite and always have.
911 was also a good one, although WTC 7 did not collapse as expected but only 7 hours after the twins....


Rotorbabe Recordings 08.11.2013 16:28

Meanwhile, somewhere in the lap of luxury, Bush and Blair walk free.

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