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Over 50 killed in spate of attacks in Iraq amid Eid celebration

17.10.2013 18:27

A string of at least nine bombings has rocked the Iraqi capital of Baghdad and two other towns, killing at least 51 people. The violence comes amid a major Muslim holiday celebration.

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George Rizk 18.10.2013 14:58

Only hate infested dogma leads militants to take advantage of happy gathering for celebrating a holiday to kill celebrants. Some how Islam, and Muslims have allowed hate ideologies from Saudi Arabia to infect the world with the the Wahhabi cult. The Saudi funded Mosques disseminate these hostilities as they burn churches during Christian holidays, and as they did in Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt.

Perhaps a regime change in Saudi Arabia is due. This time, Russia and China needs to take the lead to bomb Saudi Arabia and force change it to democracy.


Ed Camilo 18.10.2013 00:59

what we have in Iraq is the direct result of the US criminal war machine intervention. Yet those same criminals want to go into Syria and do the same. I hope the world, led by Russia, puts a stop to american imperialism


Riffak Ledifni 17.10.2013 20:44

Arabs killing Arabs?I can very happy live with that!


Daniel Cecere 17.10.2013 20:21

No claim of responsibility... CIA and Mossad led crimes to incited violence in the country and region. No brainer

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