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29 killed, incl 12 children in string of suicide bombings in Iraq

06.10.2013 09:23

Two Suicide bombers detonated explosives-rigged vehicles at an elementary school and a police station in northern Iraq, killing at least 15 people, 12 of whom were children. 14 more were killed in a suicide attack on Shi’ite pilgrims in Baghdad.

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Andersen Cooper 07.10.2013 02:03

Anyone with a brain knows that this is all FALSE FLAG operations. Car bombs never go investigated. The israelis placed car bombs in Iran when killing Iranian scientists. No one ever label those suicide bombers.

I remember a story printed by the UK paper, the Guardian. In which 2 British soldiers disguised as arabs were arrested for acting suscipiciously. Explosives were found upon searching their car. The next day the british army bombed the prison and freed the two british terrorists.

Why do you believe the same press who lied about iraq.


Joseph 06.10.2013 13:19

These bombs sound sophisticated for fighters in Iraq. Who saw the driver decide to stay in the truck? No outcry by the world community as happened at Newtown. No talks for a negotiated peace. These are the results of invasion that we would visit on Syria? Will leaders send condolences to the government for this outrage?


Peter Jennings 06.10.2013 11:17

These attacks are very convenient to a invading army that wants to stay forever. Why would shiite's or sunni's want to kill their own in a never ending t1t-for-tat?


Em 06.10.2013 09:57

Tragic, I am convinced that a tyrannical ruler like Saddam Hussein would be a vast improvement over this prevailing anarchy. This was also asserted by people living in the middle east even before America's invasion. They warned about the consequences of removing Saddam from power.
Much blame for this ongoing carnage should be placed at the feet of the blind arrogant American interventionalists.
Their political and economic prestige allows them to be protected from justice. They never stop slandering their critics, but they are war criminals just the same.

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