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Ukraine in pickle over Iraq’s huge appetite

Published time: April 19, 2011 14:13
Edited time: April 19, 2011 18:34
Pickled cucumbers to satisfy Iraq's appetite

Pickled cucumbers to satisfy Iraq's appetite

Baghdad is eager to get its hands on an unlimited amount of Ukraine’s pickled cucumbers, but the recipe for preserving them has been lost and much investment is required to meet Iraq’s insatiable appetite.

­“The country has offered to purchase the pickled cucumbers in unlimited numbers,” the Deputy Chairman of the Khmelnitsky regional administration Leonid Gural told the Ukrainian information agency UNIAN on Tuesday. 

“In Iraq, the cost for half a liter of this product is five US dollars while in Ukraine it’s less than two US dollars for the same amount” UNIAN quoted Gural. 

However, the official raised concern that the ability to produce the product may have been lost. 

“Unfortunately, we’ve lost the simplest processing recipe but we’re negotiating ways of reviving the pickling on the basis of Dunaevsky cannery plant. But special pickling pits will require large investments” added Gural.  

Russia’s RIA news agency says it was unable to get any comments on the matter from the Iraqi embassy in Ukraine.


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