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Suicide bombers hit Iraq as attacks kill 35 in two days

30.10.2013 19:24

Violence swept through Iraq on Wednesday, with fresh attacks bringing the country’s death toll to 35 people in two days. The assaults followed suicide bombings Tuesday night which killed 19 people, including 14 security force members.

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Peter Craig 31.10.2013 12:54

All obama wanted to do was remove US troops , therefore ruining years of progress in the face of our dead fighting men and women. Its all too clear...
Now its back to this. Car bombs and numbers of casualties return to the headlines every week, with no end.


David 31.10.2013 09:49

The next new 'reality show' - ABDUL THE BOUNTY HUNTER! Some Iraqis obviously have a personal problem and murder for show is their method of 'hope n change'. Time for the good guys to step in and hunt these terrorists down like the dogs they are. In fact, it looks to be an enormous business opportunity for Iraqis - and I bet the US would help put up a big chunk of the cash to do it. Trash those terrorists, make Iraq strong and get PAID to do it. BOUNTY HUNTING in Iraq, the new national pass-time. (Comprehensive government is not the answer. It only leads to tyranny. Opportunity holds things together.)


Leon the Professional 31.10.2013 00:21

I think the destruction of Iraq and all this droning is a pretense that will euentually provoke a global conflict that just keeps growing and growing. With every bomb that is dropped, you have created people who want vengeance.


Terry 30.10.2013 22:35

Wow, we sure did a lot of good invading, what used to be a great country.

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