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Wave of violence in Iraq kills 73 people, including 2 journalists

05.10.2013 20:39

Attacks across Iraq killed 73 people on Saturday, most of whom died during bombings against Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad. Two journalists were gunned down in a separate incident in Mosul, located in the north of the country.

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Peter Jennings 06.10.2013 11:24

Seems like another blatant attempt to get Iraqi's fighting Iraqi's.


Dave 06.10.2013 08:54

Bush, Blair and their henchmen need to be locked up, they will go down in history as mass murderers.


Ditrovski 05.10.2013 23:04

We've heard about so many bombings and civilian casualties in Iraq that I almost start to wonder whether there are actually any people remaining there. I feel sorry for all the devastation the West brought to Iraq (and such countries) because of so called 'proof of weapons of mass destruction' along with their stupid belief that they got to bring democracy to the Middle-East. The days of imperialism and colonization have never ended, still taking up the White Man's burden.


Commander 05.10.2013 22:07

Not much peace in Iraq, since the brave and heroic Americans brought democracy. What a joke!

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