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Syrian insurgents reject West-imposed coalition, declare own Islamic state

20.11.2012 01:06

As international recognition grows for the Syrian National Coalition as the ‘legitimate representative’ of the Syrian people, Islamist groups in Syria have rejected the coalition, unilaterally declaring the city of Aleppo an Islamic state.

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Jonathan Thomas Ferguson 31.03.2013 21:49

NATO don't mind a Wahabbi state, as long as they can get some oil money and prestige. The dignity of the citizens of Syria means absolutely nothing to them.


Claudius Stahlkopf 25.03.2013 08:20

The Moslems for the moment are divided but will come a new Saladin soon or latter . That day the Western plutocrats gangsters will loose ,they plunder the Moslems country's .but also Europeans and Americans citizens

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