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‘Containing Iran’: Israel ‘in talks’ to join alliance with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey

05.05.2013 08:02

Israel is considering partnering with several moderate Arab states in a US-brokered defense alliance that would be aimed at containing Iran, which is accused of nuclear weapon ambitions, a British newspaper reported Sunday.

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Mark 23.09.2013 13:28

The Zionists are on crack if they think the "Keeper of the Two Mosques" will go to bed with a Jew! They would sooner cut their own throat.

The se Israelis are starting to believe their own beertalk!

Anonymous user 04.06.2013 02:55

We need to wait and watch i am sure israel knows what they doing

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 15:07

Immunity antisemitism make world unsafe GCC gulf cia council willgo any extent to rule they in last

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 23:02

All Persian and Arab lands will develop nukes. No doubt. Because Israel refuses to relinquish them.

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 17:27

islamic countries cannot be trusted

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 04:51

How can Israel, who is known to posses nukes, get support from any 'Islamic' nation?

Anonymous user 20.05.2013 04:48

If Saudis cooperate with Israel, then they are not worth a crystal of salt, for Islam.


sandra 19.05.2013 09:01

Israel has two sides to their face. They need to find a new place to take their weapons and people to a place where they are wanted. These Jews are forcing themselves and have the backing of countries that can not be trusted. I am Polish and that Jew flag makes me ill. Go ahead and make friends with them and they will spray you in the ear with poison sooner than you can turn your head. Yea, great company to keep. Feel comfortable, your next.

Anonymous user 19.05.2013 08:50

Let's contain Israel not Iran. Israel thinks its slick, we know Iran can be trusted more than a Jew.


John 19.05.2013 07:40

Why contain Iran? I don't feel threatened by them, but I do fear an out of control Israel and an American president who appears to be under the Zionist influence, or to put it another way, in the pockets of the Banksters who finance his war machine. Every war that is going on right now and those in the past, have to do with profit and power, and we know who profits from war don't we? It can only be the Banksters, who are amazingly a very small group of people. Take away their ability to print our money and you take away their power. Non of our problems have anything to do with religion, it's just made to look so.

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 14:21

Hebden Bridge, somebody said to me I can't understand a word you said. I said 99% non-smokers die.

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 21:52

Saudi Arabia, Jordan Turkey and United Arab Emirates better known as the four stooges. With No pride

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 12:32

The alliance i.e. the servitude of these tyrannies to their Zionist masters has always been there.

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 11:02

Russia should be careful about Syrian military-aid getting to Hezbollah. Doen't look good for Russia

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 11:00

800 bln a year.. usa war ...what they want..?

Anonymous user 07.05.2013 10:56

lets hope russia & china ..will disrupt they(along with usa) plans...

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